Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Best Ways to Have a Calming Sunday Night

I'm definitely one of those people who loves Sundays. In high school and college, Sundays would make me anxious because I'd fill my time prepping for the week with things like homework and studying. 

But now, I try to take advantage of Sunday as much as I can. Whether I use it to sleep in, have a #sundayfunday with friends, binge watch a show, or prep some meals for the week, I just love a good Sunday. 

One of my favorite ways to use my Sunday evenings are to relax and have a calm evening... this is especially so if I've have a filled weekend, or a stressful week. It helps me to regroup and refocus so my Monday starts off on the right foot. 

I also think that by having a very calm Sunday evening, it allows you to get some much needed sleep and rest. If I don't let myself wind down on a Sunday night, I find it a lot harder to get a good night's sleep because my mind will be wandering to the week ahead. 

Here are my favorite things to do for a calming Sunday night to jumpstart your week:

Have a cup of tea
I used to be so good at doing this almost every single night, but It has fallen to the wayside in the last few years. Not only is tea healthy, but I really think it's a very relaxing thing. 

Light Candles
This is not just a Sunday thing for me, but filling your home with a calming scent like lavender and seeing the glow from candlelight is instantly calming for me. 

Listen to Music Without Words
I usually have a good jazz or classical playlist going. It calms you and if you are doing other things, you won't be tempted to focus on words so you can focus on what you are doing and living in the moment.

Prep For Sunday on Friday
Since I have a bog post that goes live Monday mornings, I used to find myself scrambling on Sunday nights to write something. This was not only cutting into my weekend, but it also gave me anxiety. Now, I make sure to have Monday's post written and finalized before I cruise into weekend mode. The same can be said for anything else in life. On Fridays, make sure your meetings are scheduled for the following week, make sure your lists are made and your desk area is clean. That way, you can easily pick up on Monday morning right where you left off on Friday and won't have to have any of those thoughts racing through your mind on Sunday night. 

Take a Digital Detox
As much as social media can be fun, it can also be exhausting. Use Sunday night to retire from social media. The way I do this is that I will put my phone in the other room. That way, when there is a commercial or a second of down time, I'm not tempted to grab my phone and start flipping through social channels. 
Put on a Face Mask
I don't know what it is about a face mask, but they make me feel so pampered. I'll usually do this while I sip my tea and read a good book. 

Do Your Laundry
Not only will you be getting something crossed off your to-do list, but there is something so relaxing about the warm, clean scent coming from the laundry room. 

Make Your Bed with Fresh Sheets
This is a Sunday ritual for me. I put on fresh sheets, shower before bed and put on clean pajamas. It's like a fresh start and I honestly think that right there is one of life's best 'little pleasures'. 

Eat Smart
Feeling guilty about indulging a little too much? I say eat something fresh and healthy for dinner like a big salad. Or, have you been healthy all week and just really craving comfort food? Order out for Chinese or pizza and enjoy not having to cook for yourself! Just listen to your body and realize what it needs.

Do Something Routine
Maybe this is a yoga class, or going to church, or having Sunday night dinner at your parents, or even just taking a walk with your dog. I find that when I have routine, it helps put me into a certain 'mode'. It's like in the morning, I grab coffee and that's my cue to wake up and start my day. So, for example, during the winter, I had a tennis lesson every Sunday evening, so for me, yoga became a trigger/signal that said 'hey this is Sunday night, time to relax.'

This is kind of seasonal and all dependent on where you live, but I totally believe in the calming power of watching a sunrise or sunset. We have a river walk and I love pouring a glass of red wine (hint: disguise it in a coffee cup if you have strict open container laws) and strolling during sunset. It's so relaxing. 


Lauren said...

Fresh sheets make all the difference!


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Gorgeous outfit, I love the shoes!


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