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abercrombie mohair sweater under $100

articles of society sarah skinny jeans

ferragamo aileen bag

dior izon sunglasses and ferragamo aileen bag
Gray Mohair Sweater (under $70)// Black Jeans (under $100)
Sunglasses// Black Patent Pumps (old Jimmy Choo, similar)
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This week was- dare I say- relaxing. I got a ton of work done and nothing crazy happened. It was very low key and I have no complaints!

I plan on keeping it low key on Friday night by going out to dinner to one of my favorite BYOB Thai restaurants and then binging Stranger Things. Then, I have a Halloween party to attend Saturday so that should be fun. I hope to relax Sunday/get a little work done and then enjoy Sunday Night Football!

This is the first week I've also gotten SUPER excited about traveling to Paris! Don't get me wrong, I've been really excited since we booked our flight, but we confirmed a lot of details earlier this week and everything is in place. We also decided to head to London for a day via the Eurostar so if you have any suggestions let me know! We only have one day, so we don't have anything set in stone, but are just planning on wandering and taking everything in!

In regards to traveling abroad- you guys have been beyond helpful when I have asked for your thoughts and opinions. I'm asking again- with regard to shoes. I'm bringing my Stan Smiths, my Chanel Flats, my Gucci mules, an old inexpensive pair of ballet flats if it rains a ton, and a pair of heels for fancier dinners (so far). But did you have a pair of shoes that you wore while traveling that was REALLY comfortable but still cute? I'd loveeeeee to bring my Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers but they're just way too 'athletic' looking and won't look right with anything I would wear. But truly, I'm convinced they are the most comfortable shoe on the planet.

Wearing: I shared these lounge pants/pajama pants on Instastories the other night and I was not kidding when I said they are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. I wish they came in other colors, I would have purchased more! The material is ribbed, buttery soft, and also stretchy. They're just SO good.

Eating: I've really been eating an apple a day. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, go immediately and look for their Honeycrisp apples. They are SO insanely good. 

Drinking: I've talked about this before but haven't in a while. Truly, Schweppe's sparkling water is the best EVER! I love that it now comes in bottles so I can take it with me everywhere. 

Reading: I talked about ordering The Thousandth Floor and I'm a little over halfway through. I read a few pages each night before I fall asleep. It's really good- it's very 'teen' oriented and has a Gossip Girl vibe, but I'm never bored and tear through the pages quickly. I just ordered the second book, Dazzling Heights

Sale-ing: Tons of really great items added to Club Monaco's sale category. There are even a bunch of fall/winter items. 

Stranger Things Season Two comes out TOMORROW! Who else is SO excited?!

Listening: October's playlist is a bit lame, so I apologize for that. I just haven't been really loving much! There's 9 songs, though, if you want to take a listen! 

Loving: Have you guys seen the new EOS Crystal lip balm? I love EOS balms and I'm so curious about this clear balm. It's wax free and vegan. 
Wanting: It was unanimous when I surveyed everyone with regard to gift guides that you'd all love to see my holiday wish list. So that's coming up as one of the first few gift guides of the season... I'm waiting until November to post gift guides, though, so sit tight! Yesterday I shared some items I'm currently loving and I also updated all the sidebar widgets! You can scroll through above to also see some of my favorites. I'm also wanting this gorgeous ivory coat for Paris and the holiday season. There is something so chic about an ivory coat!
Pittsburgh-ing: I just recently had Honeygrow for the first time (got it to-go!). It's a new fast-casual restaurant in East Liberty. You order on a screen and pay via the screen, too. Kind of a neat concept. The price range is right around Chipotle. It offers stir-fry style dishes and the portions are HUGE. It's also delicious. They also offer fruit bowls with honey. We got one to split and it was amazing. I'd even just go back fo the fruit bowls! 

Smelling: I shared this in yesterday's post but I am OBSESSED with this candle. It's just so warm and cozy. It's not sweet or overly strong- it's just right. 

Traveling: Next stop- PARIS!

Quoting: 'Real queens fix each other's crowns.'// See more of my favorites, here.


Cat said...

The shoe question! I was in Paris for 9 days in September.
- Stan Smiths -- good
- Simple nice flats for dinner (mules and ballet flats) -- good
- Heels -- TOTALLY unnecessary, I had brought a pair for "nice dinners" on a previous visit and never took them out of the suitcase. No one was wearing them. Of course you must be planning on shooting blog content but you will definitely stick out in super dressy items most places (like we did not dine at $500/meal restaurants so I can't speak for those, but we did dine at the popular Frenchie and Verjus). Best to shoot for simple/easy/elegant rather than complicated/uncomfortable/showy.
- I would suggest a second pair of daytime cute sneakers so that you can alternate from the Stan Smiths. I like the JCrew New Balances (navy and rose gold), Allbirds, and Cole Haan velvet Grandpro sneakers from Nordstrom (just weatherproof them with some Kiwi first!)

Enjoy... and get ready to fall in love! I now attempt to insist that you do a day trip to Reims for proper Champagne tasting rather than what is an exhausting way to squeeze in a tiny sliver of London -- very easy on the TGV -- but sounds like your plans are set.

Anonymous said...

I know they are not cute, but I ALWAYS travel with a pair of Toms. Easy to slip on/off at airport, comfy footbed for aching feet, and they don't bother the blisters I inevitably get from my "cute" shoes. They also make good slippers if needed! I also recently bought a pair of Rothy's flats, and they are awesome for travel, too. Same thing as Toms- easy on/off, comfy, don't both/cause blisters. An added bonus of Rothys are that they are washable and great for rain. I would seriously consider getting a pair!

One thing to keep in mind for Europe is that people dress a lot more sensibly for the weather. Bare or exposed feet feet in cool/cold weather isn't chic. Something to consider with flats! I was in Belgium/France last Novemver in moderate temps, and barely anyone had ballet flats on. Lots of ankle boots and sneakers.

Last two things: get a pair of compression socks and a blister stick.. Compression socks help me so much on long flights, and are also great to wear when sleeping to help achey feet/legs. And the blister stick is essential. If your feet swell when traveling, your shoes fit differently.

Phoebe Wright said...

If you only have a day in London, I recommend going to Harrods, taking a stroll thru Hyde Park and then heading to the London Eye/Big Ben/Covent Garden Area. There's lots to see, shop, and quaint places to find some authentic fish and chips! I lived in London for a year and it was the best time of my life! Don't be afraid of the Tube but if you can walk it, definitely walk. You miss so much by being underground!

SFE said...

When we went to Paris, I brought my navy New Balances, a couple pairs of flats (one black and one blush), and a pair of loafers. I definitely recommend shoes you can walk a fair distance in and feel balanced in - the cobblestones tend to be pretty uneven in some areas and the floors in the museums can be hard on your feet as well. Plus some places (like the hills around Sacre Coeur) were surprisingly steep!
We only had a day in London when we were there so we just wandered around. We still managed to see quite a bit - we strolled past The Globe Theatre, saw the Tower of London, and walked across the Tower Bridge. We also walked by Westminister Abbey and Buckingham Palace before going through Green Park, as well as past St. James Palace. Just walking was a great way to get a feel for the city when you don’t have a lot of time. We also went to Harrods and had afternoin tea at the Georgian restaurant, which was such a fun way to feel like we had a real British experience!

Meghan said...

Stan Smiths/Superstars are EVERYWHERE in Europe - I packed mine for Italy in January and Germany just last week. So comfortable and still stylish. I agree with the first commenter, unless you have a clearly defined occassion/opportunity, leave the heels at home. You will be fine with the flats!

I traveled with just a carry on for both trips - a little daunting - but I picked a color scheme for basics and layered in scarves and accessories to streamline packing and make getting ready easier. I'm eyeing Paris for my next adventure.. au revoir!

Unknown said...

I've never had honeygrow but it looks so amazing! I so am in love with that sweater as well!


Unknown said...

We had a Honeygrow in Philly and it was delish! It's perfect for a quick lunch (or for even two days in a row!).


Lizzie said...

Shoe choice for Paris and London is very season dependent! If you're visiting in the next few months you will need something warm (or something you can wear with warm socks). I live in London and frequent Paris for work. Its cool or cold in the fall and winter and you won't see many people wearing ballet flats or exposed feet in either city. I would recommend a comfortable pair of ankle boots that you've waterproofed (Ugg makes a good protector spray as do Collonil). They can be dressed up or down and match a lot of outfits. They're also something you'll see on a lot of locals. I also agree with your selection of Stan Smiths--trendy sneakers are everywhere here and Paris. You might not need your heels. I sometimes bring them for work events but rarely wear them out in London or Paris. You don't see many people in heels unless you're going to the opera or a very fancy dinner (cobblestone are serious over here!). I also wear my over the knee boots a lot, but realise those are harder to pack. However they're great when its cold (would also recommend you waterproof yours if you bring them).

If you're only in London for one day I would recommend you get an early lunch at Borough market before exploring the rest of the city! Its one of my favourite places in London. Shopping is good in Covent Garden and Harrods is also a sight to see. However prices will be cheaper in Paris for most things (and you'll find almost all the same shops) so I'd generally skip the shopping while you're in London. I'd say the main exceptions to this are British heritage brands (Mulberry, Burberry, etc.). Burberry has a large outlet in Hackney that has some amazing finds (I buy literally all of my coats there). I would also recommend getting a drink at sunset in one of the high rise bars for a great view of the city (skip the London Eye--queue is a mess and its expensive!). Check out the bar in the Shard or Duck and Waffle in The City. There are wonderful (and mostly free) museums in London--the Tate Modern, V&A, and the British Museum are all good choices. Have fun!


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