Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What I Wore in New Hampshire

As you all know, I traveled to New Hampshire with my blogger friends, Katie and Grace! So, today I'm sharing what I wore! I've had a ton of you ask where certain things are from, so this is a complete roundup! As always, too, you can shop all of my outfits, here (you don't need to have a like to know it account or sign up for anything!). 

Overall, New Hampshire was a very outdoorsy trip. We spent a lot of time either in the car driving from place to place and then a lot of time walking through grass, gravel, dirt, etc. While I wanted to look put together, I also wanted to be prepared and sensible in what I was wearing. Comfort and layers were key. 

Not to generalize an entire state, but through each town we visited, it was more than OK to be casually dressed. I'm sure there are certain restaurants, venues, etc. that require more proper dress, but overall, everywhere we went, it was totally appropriate to be dressed this casually! You'll notice a lot of Patagonia pieces... a favorite brand of mine and has been for years. The pieces are so well made, cute, but also very functional. 

This dress is SO comfortable and was perfect to travel in. Just an FYI it runs really big, so size down! 

My rain boots are the 'tour' version. This means that they are slightly thinner in material. That way, I am able to easily fold them up and pack them away in my luggage. They're lighter weight so they don't add much to your luggage and they're also a lot easier to drive in with increased flexibility. I couldn't recommend them more! 

I LOVE the Patagonia Better Sweater. I have had the black for a few years now. I wear it all the time in the fall/winter/spring. It looks so great with yoga pants, ski clothes, and more. While in Nantucket, I picked up the gray. I seriously wear these more than anything during the colder months. It's line with fleece which is super soft and warm and it's really easy to machine wash and dry. The pullover runs true to size, I'm in a size small. 

Also, I've worn bean boots all my life. My parents were dressing me in them before I would even make my own clothing decisions. They're SO necessary in Pittsburgh during the winter. These are my go-to shoes during snowy winter days and also whenever I'm going to skiing. It's best to order them now- they'll sell out/go on back order and you won't be able to get a pair until spring! They run big, size down about a half size! 

This pullover is a men's version. Sadly, they don't make it for women, but I got an XS and it fits similarly to what a women's size small would. It's super warm, cozy, and soft. and I love that the hem is slightly longer in the back. It's great to wear with leggings and sneakers, too. 

The rain boots were SO necessary when we went to the apple orchard. It was wet and misting rain, so as we walked through the fields, we all wore shoes that would protect us from the wet grass/mud. 

This was easily the dressiest outfit I wore. I wore it to dinner at Woodstock Inn, Station, and Brewery. The restaurant was casual, but this outfit worked well, too! I L-O-V-E this vest so much. The quality for the price is amazing. 


Randee Brant said...

Great pictures! Giving me lots of fall inspiration! Are you able to provide the link for the striped turtleneck (the link takes me to a pair of jeans). Thanks!

Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

What a fun adventure!! Love all your fresh fall looks! I just love duck boots and rain boots this time of year, too! They look so polished & preppy!

Thank you for sharing all the fun with us!

Blessings, Net :)

Lauren said...

Love your outfits and it looks like you had a wonderful trip!



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