Saturday, November 18, 2017

Holiday Pajamas

Holiday Pajamas

Holiday Pajamas

One of the holiday traditions that we have in our family is that my mom, sister, and I all wear matching pajamas on Christma morning! I've shared this before, but it's truly one of my absolute favorite traditions. It's totally one of the things I plan on doing with my family in the future. It's fun to have a collection of winter pajamas that I have amassed over the years and remember each Christmas with them! 

We have gotten our pajamas from all over in years past. There are always so many great options. Sometimes we go with a traditional plaid, sometimes something different like the pink stripes above...I haven't decided what we will do this year yet. There are so many different options and it's so hard to choose! We usually vote on which ones we like best and we usually all three agree on a pair! 

A lot of you have e-mailed me letting me know that you would love to see my pajama favorites from this year and in my survey, I loved that some of you let me know that you started this tradition with your family after reading about it here on Summer Wind! Scroll through the widget above to see some of my favorites.

I think I'm leaning towards these joggers and this tee for our pajamas this year. What do you guys think? I originally ordered the pants for myself and I am just so obsessed with the comfort, I can't get enough!


Susan M said...

We did the same thing at my house, but we got them on Christmas Eve from the sandman to help us sleep after a scavenger hunt for clues to find them. My sister and I still do this and have continued with our families. Anyone who spends Christmas Eve with us is getting a new set of pjs!

Casey said...

A definite 'NO!' to this year's choice. They look cheap, and don't even resemble pajamas at all! I would suggest wearing a favorite pair from years' past instead.

Briana Nicole said...

All I want for Christmas is pajamas! I love it!


Lauren said...

I just ordered those pajamas a few days ago! I can't wait for them to get here!

Bessie Yeung said...

Wow your Christmas pyjamas idea is so awesome,make me feel more Xmassy over here since we don’t get as cold weather as where you are:) thanks for sharing!


Summer Wind said...

Casey, sorry you don’t love my choice! I already have the joggers and in my opinion they don’t look cheap at all! They’re very comfortable! Sorry you don’t approve!

Unknown said...

FAMILY CHRISTMAS PJS/PAJAMAS - One of the holiday traditions that we have in our family, Christmas pyjamas idea -


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