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Gift Guide: For the Guys

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As a woman, buying gifts for guys can be intimidating because there are things you'd like them to have or wear, but then there are things that they truly would like to have. For example, I'd love my dad to wear a Canada Goose jacket, but that's not his thing. So while buying that might seem like a great gift, it's not great for him. 

TLDR: the key to buying for any guy in your life is really putting yourself in their shoes and considering things that they love. 

Some quick questions to ask: do they work in a traditional office environment? If so, maybe something office-oriented like a tie or a smartwatch might be a good fit. What sports do they love? Maybe they love the NBA and would like a jersey of their favorite player. Do they play any sports? Maybe a new golf bag or sneakers. Do they have any hobbies? Maybe they like to travel a lot or maybe they are a budding sommelier. A travel bag or wine rack might be a great fit for them.

When I feel stuck on buying for anyone, I always start with questions like this to get me thinking. I think it really does help! So again, I think this type of gift totally depends on the guy, but these are some universal gifts that I think most guys in your life would love to receive!  

Skier Sweater// I think this one is too fun. I got it for my dad since he is an avid skiier and I really think he will love this! It has a vintage vibe which is really what drew me to it! 

Custom NYTimes Football Book// I share this one every year. SO many of you have let me know you have bought this for a guy in your life and they love it. It's such a fun, thoughtful gift and definitely not something they would probably ever buy themselves! They also have birthdates and baseball, too!

Tech Fleece Joggers// Nike's tech fleece is all the rage. If you have a Nike fan on your hands, these tech fleece joggers will score you major points. 

Needlepoint Belt// These belts are such classics and can really be a great gift for a well-dressed guy that has just about everything. I love the designs because you can really highlight their personalities. I love this needlepoint cummerbund, too!

French Press// This is for the coffee snob, but I also love that this is pretty affordable, too! Add a pound of their favorite coffee and you have a really great gift!

Monogrammed Leather Wallet and Clip// Most of the guys I know like a slim wallet since it's always in their pocket. I think this one is the best of both worlds: a handsome leather wallet and a money clip! 

City Map Rocks Glasses// Aren't these fun? I think it would be great to gift a set of 4 with all cities that have different meanings to the recipient along with their favorite drink!
Grooming Gift Set// I share an Art of Shaving gift set each year, but I love this one! It's really inexpensive and would make a really nice stocking stuffer! 

Nest Thermostat
// If there was ever a person that could use a Nest thermostat, that would be my father. Please tell me someone else's dad was like this! Growing up, my dad always made us keep the thermostat 'low' in the winter. My mom, sister, and I would always sneak and turn it up a few degrees and he would always catch us and lecture us on the cost! 

Long Lightning Cable// You can never have too many charging cords and I love that this one is extra long with the little weight at one end. 

Hermes Cologne// This is one of my favorite scents. Fresh and light but masculine, too. Also, love this scent. I think this is a really great gift to give a boyfriend that you haven't been dating for that long. It's a nice gift without having to spend a fortune! 

Wicked Good Slippers// If you live anywhere where it's cold, slippers are basically necessary. These are the best of the best. 

Engraved Monogram Cufflinks// This is a great option for a guy on your list that has to dress in a suit for work. These are just classic and simple! 

Yeti Cooler// Even I want one of these! My mom and dad have one and it really is the greatest cooler. I love this one because it's easily transportable. Add a hopper, which is a great little pouch for storing your phone, keys, etc. In the worst case scenario, it floats, too!

Kiehl's Cleanser
// This is a great stocking stuffer. It smells lovely, is good for your skin, and a trusted brand!

Barbour Jacket// This is such a classic. I always suggest this as a gift if you are willing to spend. It's well-made, neutral, and versatile. 

Packable Down Jacket// I LOVE this jacket because it's a winter coat but can be packed up into a small pouch. Perfect for travel!
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Lauren said...

That football book is awesome and I love using Smathers & Branson for gifts for guys - you seriously can't go wrong with anything they have!


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This is such a great post! Love it.


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