Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday Shopping

Pittsburgh airport
Happy Saturday, everyone! Today my BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED! I can't believe the day is here and I'm so excited! While we got off to a rocky start getting here due to an issue with Delta and then tons of weather delays, I am so happy to be in Martha's Vineyard. It's so beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations throughout town!

I thought it'd be funny to share this photo I snapped out the window of the airport in Pittsburgh Thursday morning as we were waiting for a flight. It was so incredibly snowy, I couldn't get over it! I felt like we were in Siberia rather than Pittsburgh. It's nice to have snow right before Christmas- I hope it stays for the actual holiday!

j.crew skiier pajamas
This week, our Christmas pajamas arrived. They are amazing and I totally recommend them. They are currently 40% off with code TIME2GIVE through 12/19. As of writing this they are fully in stock in all sizes! They're cotton- not flannel, so be aware. They're warm, but they're not nearly as warm as flannel. That's totally fine with me as I typically get hot when I sleep, but if you're always cold, these might not be the best for you! 

This week I also prepped for a big life change/exciting thing that's happening as soon as I get back from Martha's Vineyard. I am so beyond excited and I cannot wait to share this big news with all of you! It's the biggest and best Christmas gift I could have ever asked for!!

This week I didn't do too much browsing. I'm done with my shopping and everything is wrapped. It feels so good to be done and I hope to be able to enjoy this week leading up to the holiday.  I haven't gotten a New Year's dress yet for New Year's in Arizona, so that is what I have been on the hunt for this week! 
Scroll through the widget above to see some of my favorites. I'm most excited about two sweaters that I ordered. I have this sweater in another color already but fell in love with the ivory version this year. It's a very pricey sweater and super high quality so I'm excited to have it in another color but on major sale! I wear this sweater at least once a week and it doubles as a topper over pajamas, too. I also got this navy blue and white striped cashmere sweater and I cannot wait for it to arrive!


Maryann said...

I can not wait to hear your big news.

Belle On Trend said...

SO excited to hear your big news! Have an amazing trip for your Bff's wedding! Pittsburgh looks like it got hit hard!


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