Tuesday, January 16, 2018

1 Month With Henry

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It's been exactly one month since I've had Henry. I can't believe it's been a month and yet I can't imagine my life without him.

I thought I'd do an update, one, so I can look back on it and remember this time, but also to let you all know about having a new dog if you are considering it yourself! This is a long post, so keep scrolling! 

I knew he would be a lot of responsibility, but it's been surprisingly less than I thought. I really thought taking him out would be such a chore (especially in an apartment and many floors up), but it hasn't been annoying at all... even with the freezing cold temps. I enjoy it and he's so cute getting up in the morning and getting excited to go outside! The one thing that is annoying is that he hates the cold (don't we all), so taking him on a long walk in 0 degrees is a no-go. Last week, when it was warm, we went on the longest walk ever, and it seemed like he had so much fun. I can't wait until it warms up a bit and we can do that daily.

I will say the only thing that is annoying is that he sheds. I have to vacuum every 2 days (sometimes every day). It's annoying but feels so good afterward. It's a vicious cycle, but well worth it. 

Henry has finally figured out his 'home', aka my apartment. It was hard at first because I was taking him everywhere with me over the holidays. From my parents to my grammies, to my aunts, etc. it was hard for me to establish a routine with him. Now that the holidays have quieted down, he's already in a great routine and loves my apartment. He doesn't like when other people come to visit for the first few minutes, but I am trying to teach him it's ok. He is slowly but surely learning. He is, however, great at going to anyone else's home. He loves hanging out at my parent's house, hanging at Grammie's, and visiting Stuart (my cousin's dog). 

I also love that I don't have to crate him. He's fine being in my apartment/my parent's house while I'm gone. He mostly just lays around or plays with his toys and he's really great at not getting into anything he shouldn't/doesn't chew on anything he shouldn't. When I'm gone, I leave my Echo on for him with soft jazz, ha! I love that he gets SO excited when I get home. It's the best welcome ever. 

I'm not fully sure of his past, but he's afraid of noises and people at first. He's just overall skittish and timid. It seems like he might have been on his own in the wild for a bit of time. He's already gotten a TON better with both of these things, but we are still working on it. He eventually warms up to people after just a few minutes. On Christmas Eve we have sooo many people at my parent's for a huge party and he had absolutely no issue with anyone, so that was great. 

I left Henry with my parent's for 5 days while in Arizona and they said he was great! He is now best friends with my parents and is obsessed with my mom. Whenever I bring him to my parent's he gets so excited to see her... it's adorable. 

Other Dogs
Henry gets along with other dogs really well for the most part. Mac and Henry are best friends. They love hanging out together at my parent's. We think Henry is keeping Mac 'young', ha! However, if a dog is wild/super high energy wanting to play every second and jumping all over the place, Henry is not a fan. Before I adopted him, he lived with 6 other dogs, so he's well socialized, but he needs to be more patient with puppy energy. 

The way Henry's foster mom described him was 'velcro' and it's literally the only appropriate word to use. Henry is at my side 24/7. Even when I'm trying to take photos/Instagrams, he is right there- it's not me trying to get him in the shot! With outfit photos, I have to try and get him away from me just to get a few shots without him. 

When I'm sitting at my desk, he is literally laying on my feet. When I'm in the living room on the couch, he is cuddled up right next to me (he has to be touching me). When I go to bed, he sleeps right up against me. It's beyond cute. He's so loving and so kind, he makes my heart melt. 

He's really motivated by food, and I've been able to teach him to sit and lay down. Now we are working on 'paw'. He's very smart and seems to learn things very quickly. Mac loved tug of war, but Henry isn't into that. He LOVES to chew on toys and toys that squeak and also loves to play fetch. 

My Thoughts
Henry is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. I wholeheartedly recommend adopting a sweet boy or girl! He fills me with joy, happiness, and love. I can only hope he feels the same. 

I've noticed Henry/having a dog, in general, is making me a little more relaxed. Like if my apartment isn't vacuumed perfectly each day, I let it roll off my shoulders. 

Another thing I've noticed is that Henry has brought out 'maternal' behavior in me. I actually didn't notice this myself. One of my friends mentioned it to me and now I definitely agree. I have never had a very strong maternal desire. I've also never had much interaction with kids (no one in my family has children, I'm the oldest, so I'm just never around kids at all). I noticed I'm protective over him and care for him as if he was my own child (which sounds ridiculous, but if you have a pet, I feel you might understand what I mean by that). So, I love that this is giving me a taste of caring for someone else. I'm glad I find joy in caring for him, too... it doesn't feel like a chore or annoyance at all!!

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Anonymous said...

More Henry posts!! He is the cutest.

I hear you on the vacuuming. It was an adjustment for me to not have a perfectly vacuumed house after we got our Golden Retriever. Two things that helped were a Furninator brush and a lightweight, cordless vacuum. My husbands spends 15 minutes every weekend Furninating our girl, and it really cuts down on her shedding. I give her a quick brush with a regular dog brush every other day, but the Furminator is the workhorse. We actually have a generic kind from amazon and it works just as well.

We also have a Dyson Animal and it is sooooo worth it. I can do a quick touch up of the house every couple of days very easily. Having it be cordless and lightweight is key. I hated having to get out our big vacuum, move the cord three times, and haul it back upstairs. Now I do that once a week, and touch up the high traffic fur areas more often with the Dyson. Bought ours at Costco.

Holly said...

I have a half-Corgi who sheds like it's his job and I work for veterinarians. If you can find a groomer who does the ShedX treatment or any good de-shedding treatment, it's AMAZING. It literally stops their shedding.
The second is unrelated to shedding, but something a lot of people don't always know and I hate seeing in our clinics: the salt they use on sidewalks and roads is toxic to dogs. If they're walking on it and then come inside and lick their paws, it's dangerous. Even walking on it too long can give them burns. I like using Ruffwear Boots on my dog, but even if yours won't wear them, make sure you wipe his paws off well when you come back inside!

He's so cute, I'm so glad you found each other!

Lauren said...

I can relate to Henry - I'm not a huge fan of the cold either! Happy 1 month to you both!!


Brenna Duke said...

Does he shed? Do you have dog hair cleaning advice for floors, clothing, and furniture and the cleaning routine you use in general?

Mirabella C said...

ohmysweetness! he is just adorable!

We just celebrated our 2-month with our almost 2 year old rescue (Bentley Beau is a Bi-shu) and it is tough not knowing their exact background and how they'll be! Thankfully our guy is doing well too.

We got our guy a coat (it's fleece lined from Lands End) and he actually loves getting it on to go on his walks.

I'm so glad you're sharing all of this fun stuff with your new buddy...he's so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Musher's Secret works really well for doggie paws. It's completely all natural, and I know so many dog owners that swear by it.


One time, during Snowmageddon ages ago, our power went out on our street and my family and our neighbors ended up staying at a hotel downtown Pittsburgh whose name I can't remember now.

At any rate, Musher's Secret just about saved my dog's paws then!

Also, it might not be QUITE your style-- but Orvis has excellent dog products. They've got a whole section dedicated to dogs on their website!

Europafox said...

Henry is a beautiful little dog! He looks like he is very bright and loyal - a wonderful companion. Sitting on feet is a spaniel thing too - my English Springer Humphrey likes to lean on you before he adopts the feet - super cute. Dogs are a great life-enhancer - plus you get to chat to a ton of people on walks you wouldn't usually - they are a great leveller! Have fun with Henry and keep us all posted!


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