Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Instagram Roundup

This year, I'm focusing on my blog, rather than Instagram. I've honestly always been that way, but this year more than ever. 

There was once a time that I so enjoyed Instagram-when it was spur of the moment and in chronological order (where I was able to see everyone's posts). But now, with a new algorithm, every other week (it seems like) it's just ridiculous to keep up with! It's become a place where I only feel I am connecting with you all via DM's and Instastories (which are both aspects I love about Instagram). One of my favorite parts of blogging has always been connecting with readers and I feel like it's becoming harder to connect when posting an Instagram to my feed. But with my blog, I feel like we are always connecting and I get such lovely e-mails from all of you. It feels more like a community if you will. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not changing my typical Instagram content, in fact, I'm enjoying posting to Instagram stories rather than posting an actual Instagram because I'm able to share so much more with you. It's also typically 'in the moment' making it a lot more real. What do you guys think about that?

Anyway, with that said, I share a lot more fashion/outfits on Instagram than I do here on my blog. I like to keep my blog a good balance of lifestyle, travel, beauty, and fashion- kind of like a potpourri of content, you know? 

So, today I am doing a roundup of stuff I share on Instagram. I'll do these from time to time so those who aren't big Instagrammers can see my content and also those who don't use LikeToKnowIt can shop the pieces I am wearing. 

If you don't use Instagram or don't use LikeToKnowIt, you can always shop my outfits on this page on my blog. It's always there, always up to date, and there's no signup necessary. 

Shop the Look:
I wore this outfit this past weekend while up in the mountains. As I was browsing online a few weeks ago, I noticed myself adding bright colors to my cart, which is a little unusual for me. I typically stick to black/gray, cream/white, navy blue, etc. (and especially in the winter). I think the bitter cold and grayness has already gotten to me and I'm looking for anything to brighten my day (figuratively and literally). 

I'm so glad I got this bright pink sweater. The color is a just-right-shade of bright pink. It's not cheesy and I really think this shade of pink isn't something that will necessarily be too dated. The cut/shape of the sweater is classic, which is what originally drew me to it! I wore it with these navy leggings (which have a very 'cool girl' vibe to them. I wouldn't really wear them to work out. They run a little big and are a bit see-through in the butt if you are stretching, but they're warm and cozy and cute for lounging. 

And the slippers- the most important part, in my opinion, are SO warm. I got these for Christmas. I originally wanted the Ugg slippers I had shared, but they were sold out in my size, so these were my secondary option. And honestly, now that I have these, I am so glad I got them becuase I really think they are better (so incredibly comfortable and warm). They have a version without the shearling on the outside, if that is something you prefer!

Denim Shirt// Cream Velvet Pants (on sale under $100)
Cowboy Boots (similar)// Sunglasses 
Shop the Look:

I wore this while I was in Arizona (you can read my travel guide, here). I realized I forgot to share outfit details with all of you! 

I wore this outfit while at Canyon Creek Ranch. I felt very 'in character' with my Western-inspired outfit. These cream velvet pants are what I wore with this outfit back in the fall. I've actually been wearing them a lot more in the past several months than I ever thought I was going to. It's basically like wearing white jeans, but these are a little creamier white and they are velvet, so totally appropriate for the winter months! They're currently on sale for under $100. Since they're final sale, I'll let you know about fit... they fit true to size, a little roomy and they do stretch a bit when you're wearing them.

Nail Polish// Cartier Tank Watch
Shop the Look:
I want to start posting some more beauty-related content, so I shared my go-to winter red polish color which is 'I've Got the Blues for Red'. I've worn this deep red for years and I just love the blue-ish red shade. 

I get a lot of questions about my rings, so I've linked similar ones for you to check out! 

Shop the Look:
These pajamas have to be the most comfortable ever. They rival my favorite, Lake Pajamas for sure! They run a little big. I got a small, but they're plenty roomy!

Shop the Look:
I had been pining over this dress all fall, but the price was pretty outrageous. Good things come to those who wait, right? This dress is now on major sale and I am so glad I grabbed it! Great for both work and play (looks so cute with tights or boots, too).

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Lauren said...

Love that Tory Burch dress! I like it better too when the Instagram feed was in chronological order versus the algorithm they are using now...but Insta stories are so much fun and I love the ones you share!



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