Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January Favorites

favorite products for women in the month of january

Between shopping and being sent a bunch of products, I'm often discovering items that I love! Sometimes I have so many favorites that a bunch don't even make it to Summer Wind. So, I've decided to do a monthly favorites post so I can share with you what I'm loving. I see a bunch of YouTubers who do this and I love watching them! 

Now that January is almost done (can I get a HOORAY!), I'm sharing my first favorites with all of you! 

This is the hero product for this month's post. Why? Well, for starters, it's cheap (in price)... like really inexpensive for a high-quality down coat (under $60). Secondly becuase it's SO warm. It's no Canada Goose, but it has been great for anything above 30ish degrees! Thirdly, it folds down into the smallest little ball so you can pack it for anything. It feels so good on, too. I hate feeling restricted and bulky and this is a puffer that feels like you could even work out in it because it is lightweight and moveable. And lastly, it's cuter than your average puffer because it has an oversized collar and a chic A-line shape. 

I have been working out more so I needed a few good workout tees. I love seamless pieces so I wanted to try out this tee. I was skeptical becuase it's very inexpensive compared to brands like Athleta and Lululemon, but seriously, the quality is great! It runs true to size- this is more of a fitted workout top, just as an FYI! I also ordered this tee but ended up returning it because it seemed low-quality. 

I'm a huge believer in probiotics. I take on every single day and have been doing so for over 2 years. I've never really been a fan of a certain brand. They're expensive, so I typically buy whatever is on sale. Well, one of my favorite skincare brands just released their own probiotics and I am obsessed. They're priced really well, too, so it's a no-brainer! They help so much with digestion and I truly think they also help to keep my skin clear, too. You can use code SYDNEY to get 20% off your purchase of this kit ($22.80 off!) which includes all of my favorite Tula products and a pack of the probiotics. If you bought all of these products separately, it would cost $170+, but you can get it all for under $100. Such a good deal. 
I'm not a huge cereal person, but this is SO good. I especially love that it has 10grams of protein per serving and 36% of your daily fiber! It's sweet enough to curb your sweet cravings, but it's very light and just overall delicious! 

I loathe socks. I don't know what it is, but as soon as I get home, if I am wearing socks, I take them off... and of course, my feet get cold. These slippers have been such a life saver for this crazy cold month. I would recommend these to anyone, any age, any gender, these are the best. They run true to size (maybe a touch big- or so the reviews say). I'm always between an 8 and 9 and wore the larger size (since they do not come in half sizes). 

These are SO good. But I actually just came across some 'knock-off' versions (the ones I just linked are the cheapest- 6 for $3!) because the invisibobble brand is a bit pricey. I think in this situation, the brand really doesn't matter because they're just plastic hair ties. But anyway, they are the best because the coils really dig into your hair and hold things in place! 
Inexpensive Hair Coils:

This is kind of weird one to include on the list, but I was in an accident this month and after dealing with Progressive (my car insurance) I cannot say enough good things about the company. They were so easy to deal with and made everything seamless. I have an insurance agent, so they help me to choose all of my insurance for everything, so they recommended Progressive, but honestly, I'd choose Progressive again after the great experience I had! 

This is one of the best skincare products I've ever used. I was sent a sample last year and fell in love. So, I ended up purchasing a full-sized tube. It's not really a serum in the traditional sense. When you apply it, it feels like you are applying primer, but it's actually 10% vitamin-C. The before and afters on the website are incredible and I truly notice a difference in my skin (it brightens and clears my skin) while using it. I'd purchase it time and time again- even at the higher price point, it's so worth it. 

I have been craving a new show. I swear I've watched absolutely everything that's 'good' and I ran out of options. So, I started Homeland, a favorite of mine, from the beginning. I forgot how good it is! I am already starting season three. If you haven't seen it, definitely check it out! 


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you in this cute coat! I bought it for a trip and am excited to wear it. I live in SoCal so havent used it yet =)

Lauren said...

I love the down coat and I am definitely trying out the knock off hair ties!


LovePink said...

Hi Sydney - I tried to code on Tula for the probiotics and it didn't work. Any tips? :(

Summer Wind said...

Hi LovePink!

Sorry, you're having trouble! I just tried the code, SYDNEY, and it worked for me, no issues. You have to make sure you are using it only to purchase the kit I have linked! Here is the link again: http://bit.ly/2DMw6ba

If that doesn't work and you are still having issues, e-mail me summerwind41490@gmail.com and I can get you in touch with someone at Tula so you're able to make the purchase and get the 20% off!

LovePink said...

Ah,ok,I thought it was the 90 day bundle. That's where I went wrong. :) Thanks for including the link!


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