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4 Athleisure Pieces You Need

4 Athleisure Pieces You Need

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I've been pretty darn good this year (so far) in staying active. As I get older (ick) I am just trying to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Henry has been really helpful in getting me to be active. Obviously, he needs to be walked often and so even at the bare minimum, I'm at least going for a walk every day. 

One of the things that I have noticed that helps me the most in getting active is already being dressed for what I want to do. So, for example, Sundays are the day where I am least motivated to do anything active, but, if I wake up and intentionally put on workout clothes, I feel as though I'm more likely to do some form of activity. 

On Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend, I actually ended up forgoing workouts entirely. Instead, I went to a trampoline park on Saturday and on Sunday, I went for a very long walk with Henry (since it was so nice outside). 

I love finding new ways to be active and going to the trampoline park is one of my favorites. I feel like not a lot of 'adults' do this. Case in point, we went on Saturday (late afternoon) and there was no one even close to our age jumping (I think the oldest jumper must have been 13). We felt silly, but if you jump on a trampoline for an hour, it's a really good workout. Not to mention, I can still (very inelegantly) do flips from my cheerleading days, so things like back handsprings work my arms and shoulders and back tucks work my lower abs. The next day I was sore since I was using muscles I don't use in 'traditional' workouts. 

So because I'm always out walking now and I often do other things before I workout (like go to the store, etc.) I like to look put together. Today I'm sharing 4 pieces of 'athleisure' that you can also workout in! 

This is the newest piece I added to my wardrobe. I absolutely LOVE it. Some of the tops I wear have billowy sleeves (or looser tops like this one) and it's hard/uncomfortable to stuff them into a fitted pullover. This jacket is a bit warmer than a sweatshirt and it's much longer in the back so it's really made to wear with leggings. It's super roomy, so it's comfortable and great for layering. I'd suggest sizing down one size as it runs big. 

This is one of my favorite finds. I am a huge Lululemon fan but not always a fan of their prices. This tee is a lot like their Swiftly Tech tee but this is less than $20 (I got mine for $16!). It's great quality and feels good to work out in. It runs true to size. I am wearing a size small. 

These are the holy grail of leggings, according to me. I LOVE the super high waist and the material. The length is also perfect. It hits me right at the ankle. I used to be a huge fan of the High Times pants, but they changed them a bit, and these are even better than the high times! 

If you are going to wear one pair of sneakers, these should be it. I own two pairs, and while they are pricey, they are truly the most comfortable shoe ever. It feels like you're walking barefoot on clouds, which I realize sounds insane, but they are just that good. Not to mention, I think they're so 'cool' and different looking.

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Love the seamless tee and the jacket!



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