Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Adding Color to My Bedroom

Adding Color to My Bedroom

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I've been getting a little 'bored' with my bedroom lately. I set out to create a very neutral space... and I really did just that. There is absolutely no color in my bedroom at all. Everything is white, gray, brass, and mahogany. It all meshes together nicely, don't get me wrong, but after living in it for 2 years, it just feels kind of 'drab'! 

I have been loving pastel colors lately, and specifically a paler, cornflower blue. I'm making it my project for the next few months to slowly add small doses of pale blue into my bedroom. Above, you can see some images I pulled from Pinterest that is giving me some major inspiration. This is the photo that started it all... I am OBSESSED with their Etsy shop! I actually ended up with this bolster pillow (white pillow with cornflower blue monogram + piping) from a different Etsy shop which is the jumping off point for everything.

In the widget above, you can also see what I'm eyeing to add a bit of blue without really 'reinventing the wheel' and spending an absolute fortune. I am obsessed with these euro shams! I would call this more of an edit rather than re-doing anything, but I'm waiting until I receive the 14x36 bolster pillow so I have a good judge on the exact blue. Then, I'll start ordering! Be sure to follow on Instastories, I'll share the finished pillow there once I get it!

Once I'm settled in a home, though, I'd love to add this style of drapery to the bedroom windows to really add a touch of color. Right now, my windows are 10+ feet tall (they're amazing), so there is no sense in paying for custom drapery, but someday! 


Ryann Carter said...

I’m working on decorating a blue bedroom as well, but we are currently in my husband’s oak bed frame from the 90s. Not great for inspiration. But I’m really loving dark blues. I also don’t want to paint because we’ll be here for a year and a half probably before we move and I don’t want to have to repaint. Ugh. But we have super tall ceilings and I figure I can just get the curtains shortened if we move into somewhere with shorter windows (we live in downtown Charleston and plan to stay so not likely. But I’m excited to see what you do! I love cornflower blue!

Lauren said...

I love the blue and white curtains! Beautiful picks!



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