Thursday, February 1, 2018

Lately 2/1/2018

White Shirt// Jeans// Blush Clutch (under $50) 

Congratulations, everyone, we made it through January!!!!! Can you believe it's February already? I feel like I have a little hope because once February is here, it's only 4 weeks, and then it starts to 'warm' up... even if just a few degrees! 

This week was SO fast. I truly can't believe we are almost to the weekend! I was a bit busy. I got together with some friends for the Bachelor- which is SO boring this season (don't you think?!), met some friends for happy hour and went to my first PRSA board meeting! Henry also learned 'roll over', so I am a proud dog owner this week! He now knows sit, lay down, give me paw, and roll over... what should I teach him next?! 

This weekend, I am going out to dinner with my parents and aunt and uncle who are in town. Then, Saturday, I'm going on a little road trip which you can read more about below! Then Sunday night, it's the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, this year, I'm just watching for the commercials, but I'm excited to see the This Is Us episode right after!!

Wearing: I saw this white shirt and I loved that it's a twist on a classic white button down. This is one of those shirts you can wear with pretty much anything. It would work for weekends, work, whatever it may be. I love the bow, which is flattering and really cinches your waist!

Sale-ing: One of my favorites, Tuckernuck, is having a huge sale! You get 30% off all sale orders, 40% off $200+, and 50% off 500+! Use code: GROUNDHOG. I love this white peplum top, this red dress, this gorgeous metallic skirt, this little white skirt, this cute blue and white coverup, and this cute ruffle blush dress.

Wanting: I've been in full on 'summer' mode lately. Craving bright colors, and lots of white. I am headed to the Caribbean with my mom next week (SO excited), so I've ordered some fun new pieces for the trip!
Eating: John and Kira's Chocolates sent me the sweetest chocolate box! The chocolates are delicious and beautiful. Not to mention the packaging is also beautiful! It would be a great gift to send to your significant other on Valentine's Day!

Eating II: Two (very unhealthy) recommendations. The first one is the Churro Puffs from Trader Joe's. Oh. My. Gosh. They are so insanely delicious. They're one of those foods that once you start eating them, you can't stop. I have to fight to just eat a few. The next is the 'hot chocolate' milkshake from the Milkshake Factory (it's a Pittsburgh thing!). I had it on Sunday... I took Henry on a super long walk, and we happened to pass by the Milkshake Factory and I just had to try one. SO worth the calories.

Watching: My friend, Aly, has recommended that I watch the Black List. I haven't started it yet, but it's at the top of my list. I've really run out of shows to watch. I'm caught up on most! If you have any great recs, let me know!
Reading: I mentioned last week that I wanted to get back into reading and I was sent Jojo Moyes new book, Still Me. It is a follow-up from the book/movie 'Me Before You'. I'm about 100 pages in and I'm already loving it. Moyes writes in a really easy, flowing way and it's usually a pretty quick read! 

Listening: I just started on February's playlist. It's very minimal right now, but I'll leave the link in case you want to check it out! 

Loving: Have you seen J.Crew's new 'Playa' swimwear collection? It's inexpensive and kind of reminds me of Solid and Stripe! I really like the playa print... the colors are so vibrant and pretty! I am a bit wary of the fact that it is a little 'skimpier' than J.Crew's regular pieces, though. I ordered a suit and will report back!

Loving II: I didn't have any greenery in my apartment and a sweet reader sent me an e-mail saying you can actually grow Meyer Lemons inside! So, I found this really cool contraption, Treevo, that lets you grow an entire 'tree' in your apartment. I'll have fresh lemons in no time!

Pittsburgh-ing: These are some of the dishes we had at Or, The Whale, during restaurant week. It's located in the new Distrikt Hotel and from the outside, you would never know such a beautiful and nautical restaurant is there from the looks of the outside! The food was delicious and very fresh (farm to table style). However, I did find the prices to be overly pricey (for Pittsburgh standards) and I'm not even normally one to complain about the price! 

Traveling: I'm going to Cleveland on Saturday morning! Just for one night. It's just a two-hour drive from Pittsburgh and I've actually never been. I'm excited to go to my first NBA game. We don't have an NBA team here in Pittsburgh, so I'm not really an NBA fan, but I'm excited about a fun new experience!


Jess said...

This white tunic is gorgeous- like you said, a classic with a twist. Love!

xo Jess

ccook16 said...

A+ on teaching Henry so many new things and developing a strong bond early. I would begin working on a solid recall--it can be a tough one but is important for safety!

Ryann Carter said...

You are so cute! And I love love love your style. I enjoy following fashion bloggers, but your style is more my speed. Also, my book club is reading Me Before You for February and I ended up getting the two pack with her follow up book. I’m excited to read it!

Casey said...

I've watched 'The Blacklist' but couldn't really get into it. I've started watching 'Suits' and really love it.

Ahly said...

You should watch Homeland or The Affair!

Lauren said...

I love your top and I will have to read that book!



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