Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lately 3/29/2018

This week started off with such a bang- busy, busy, busy, and now it has slowed down, which is great! I'm looking forward to taking the day off tomorrow for Good Friday and spending the weekend relaxing with family and friends and then celebrating Easter on Sunday at my parent's! 

Last week, Henry started to act unlike himself (around Tuesday). He's usually an angel dog and always by my side. However, he started to bark at me when I wasn't paying attention to him (he never barks), he was 'inappropriate' to one of my girlfriends when she was over (if you know what I mean... he has NEVER done that before), he stopped sleeping in my bed for two nights, and he begged incessantly for attention in a rude way. Not to mention, he started going under my bed. It was the oddest thing ever. I was worried he was sick or just turning into a bad dog.

But, I thought it might have been because he hadn't been going on long walks (last Tuesday-Thursday) because of the crazy spring snowstorm and bitter cold we had. So I thought he was bored and I felt really guilty. I ordered a bunch of 'mental stimulation' toys on Amazon so he had plenty of things to play with and I played with him extra/ gave him so much attention while stuck inside. Once the snow was done, I took him on extra long, tiring walks!!

I also did more research and I think he might think he has become the 'leader of the pack' because he is so spoiled (my fault). He still wasn't 'better' by Thursday of last week after I got him the toys and started to be stricter/show him who is boss. 

So then I did some more research and I was thinking (and I feel a little crazy even mentioning this) that both Jupiter and Mercury are in retrograde. I normally don't feed into that kind of stuff, but I know that animals truly do react to full moons, so I'm wondering if the double retrograde affected him? Who knows! 

So now, I have been trying to reassert myself as boss and as of this Monday, he has totally returned to his typical loving, sweet, well-behaved self. He's been stuck inside more than usual from last week's snow storm and this week it has poured rain constantly (I thought March was supposed to be in like a lion, out like a lamb... where is that lamb?!). But he has still been so good and I am SO glad. Poor guy is so used to warm, sunny Texas. I keep telling him 'I swear it gets warm and sunny here in Pittsburgh and we can go outside all the time just like in Texas!' Here's to hoping that warm sunny weather will arrive sooner than later.

Wearing: I've been getting so many questions about the sweater and striped top combo I am wearing in the photo above! This is from the morning of St. Patrick's Day when I realized I own very little green. This was a brand new purchase so I was glad I had it! I was actually unfamiliar with the brand before I ordered but I love all the pieces and the prices were decent, too. It strikes a really nice balance between classic and preppy! The pieces were good quality and I found the sweater to run true to size while the shirt definitely runs small- I would size up at least one size! I just ordered this dress  (also love this dress) after loving my other two pieces and I am excited for it to arrive!

Eating: I'm oddly obsessed with dishes with cabbage. I came across this soup recipe and I am going to make it ASAP. It sounds SO good. 

Drinking: If you are a fan of Trader Joe's sparkling water like me, I just found out they now make it in cans instead of the big bottles! I am so excited because I would never drink the bottles fast enough before they would go flat!

Reading: This article is a bit older (from this past fall), but the basis of the article is asking people when they started to feel old. It's a good read and I can relate to feeling old sometimes!
Sale-ing: Barney's has always had some really great shoes, but right now, they are having a huge sale that is definitely worth taking advantage of. The shoes are always well made and high quality! Scroll through the widget above to see my favorites! 

 I started watching Billions on Showtime a while ago and only got to episode 6. I gave it another try and I love it! I think the key to the show is that you really need to pay attention- no working while it's on, no scrolling on your phone. 

Listening: It's not even April yet and I have a solid April playlist! I've felt so uninspired with music lately that I'll typically just listen to old playlists. But I've just started to find some newer music that I am loving! 

Loving: How cute is this little gingham wallet? I have one just like this and use it every single day. It's so easy to just run out with just that and not have to bring a bag with me!

Wanting: So many good things this week! Pittsburgh is still not even close to being warm, which is such a letdown, but I'm hopeful! I'm particularly fond of these mules that look very similar to Belgian loafers but they're priced sooooo much less!

Pittsburgh-ing: This past weekend, I went to Driftwood Oven, a casual BYOB pizza place in Lawrenceville. It was SO good I actually thought about not sharing because it's such a well-kept secret. This is some of the best pizza I have ever had. It's special because the dough is actually sourdough! They had so many options and we ordered one of each pizza. My favorite was the sausage. I can't wait to go back! 

Quoting: 'Any fool can know. The point is to understand.' - Albert Einstein// See more of my favorites, here. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like wannabe pack leader behavior! You are doing the right thing reeinforcing his training and asserting yourself.

Have you found a daycare for him? I know you work from home, but it is a great option to burn off energy during bad weather. Our day care has an early pickup rate before 4 PM, which is nice when I am working from home. We take our 1.5 year old Golden once or twice a week during bad weather and it really helps with her behavior. We use Dogtopia and I would highly recommend them if they are in your area. Ours has four rooms, so Henry could be in a room with dogs his size/temperament.

Laura Baker said...

That soup recipe looks so good! I'm a soup fiend during the winter months, I love it and it's such a good way to meal prep, plus I feel like soup tastes even better after sitting in the fridge for a day or two. Also, I'm so glad Trader Joe's is making their sparkling water in cans now! I feel guilty using too many plastic bottles, and for some reason, cans feel more "recyclable" to me.

Anonymous said...

Did you just take Henry to the vet and get shots? Most animals do have a reaction to the shots just like you might. Sore, grumpy, out of sorts, moody, etc... usually comes on within a few days after the shot and takes about a week to 10 days to go away.

Summer Wind said...

Anonymous- Yes! I just took Henry to the vet but he actually didn't get any shots so I don't think that is it but that's good to know for the future!! Thanks for your comment!

Summer Wind said...

Anonymous- You read my mind! I was looking into daycare the other day. There is one really close by that has a good reputation so I think I am going to try that with him ASAP! Hopefully, I won't have to rely on it too much because the weather will be clearing up (I am sooooo hoping !!!!!). Thanks so much for your comment!!!

Summer Wind said...

Laura, I totally feel the same way about soup-it's the best! And yes, I always felt so wasteful with those big bottles!!! Xo

Anonymous said...

Good luck trying out the daycare! We really only use it during the winter if it is bitterly cold or icy for a stretch, or if we've had a few incredibly hot days in a row during the summer. Climate controlled playtime! Our daycare has a webcam, and our whole family watches her when she's there.

Separately, I really love your housekeeping posts and would love to see more! I love that you take such good care of your possessions. You do the best lifestyle posts of any blogger. Both glam items and non-glam like cleaning products :) .


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