Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lately 3/8/2018

Wearing: I am so obsessed with this skirt! I was hesitant to order becuase it looked like a lot of fabric and it could turn out frumpy. I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried it on. It's fun and flirty, but also really comfortable and easy to wear. I love this for spring how I have it styled above, but for summer,  a cute little silk tank or even basic cotton tee would look great!

Drinking: A Paloma cocktail. I have been very into tequila lately. I don't really care for vodka and gin is usually my liquor of choice, but I just discovered a Paloma while in Charleston which is grapefruit juice, lime, and tequila. I'm obsessed. I think adding a bit of muddled jalapeno would make it even better! It's a fresh, light drink perfect for spring.

Sale-ing: Two of my absolute favorite skincare products are 20% off right now! The CE Ferulic  and the HA Intensifier. Use code Skinc20 at checkout. Both products are really expensive and I normally wouldn't spend that much but I promise you that they work. I use both products almost daily and I have seen so much improvement in my skin. It's all around clearer and more hydrated. I can't recommend them enough. There's a reason they have thousands of such positive reviews! 

Watching: I can't remember when I started following 'Who Remembers' on Facebook, but it pops up in my news feed from time to time and it gives me a laugh. Just recently, it popped up with the intro song to Reading Rainbow and it brought me back to those days!

Listening: I'm a huge fan of Jamie Beck's work, who owns Ann Street Studio. She has the most artistic spirit and an eye for true luxury. I recently came across her playlists on Spotify and they are SO good. I've been playing her Snowy Morning playlist as I cook dinner. Her taste in music is superb! 
Loving: J.McLaughlin's new arrivals are SO good. I'm especially smitten with this blue and white printed coat.  You can see more of my favorites in the widget above! 

Wanting: I'm so interested to try Lancome's hydrogel mask. The before and after's are awesome and I love a hydrating mask. 

Pittsburgh-ing: You guys. OMG. This is like big news and once you read what it is, you should promptly get in your car and head right there. There is a new bakery called 'Nothing Bundt Cakes' that opened up near the new Whole Foods in Upper Saint Clair (right across the street from Target). In that complex is Nothing Bundt Cakes! My friend Aly and I went and we shared the confetti cake 'bundtlets' (mini cake) and it was out of this world incredible. We were both amazed. My weakness is Giant Eagle's white cake with white icing. I think it is truly the best in the world and always joke (but I'm actually serious) that I will have a Giant Eagle sheet cake at my wedding... but Nothing Bundt Cakes might take the cake (hahah). It was so moist and not too sugary and the icing to cake ratio was perfect. They had soooo many flavors to choose from, I guess I just need to keep going back to try them all. And you can see I have no photo because Aly and I ate it too quickly! 

Traveling: I'm in Charleston right now! You can follow along on Instagram!

Quoting:'You’ve made this day a special day, by just your being you. There is no person in the whole world like you, and I like you, just the way you are.'- Fred Rogers// See more of my favorites, here. 


Just Jess said...

I love Nothing Bundt Cakes! There are a few bakeries here in NC. If you sign up for their emails you get a free bundlet for your birthday!

Katie Troyer Marks said...

Cracking up at this because I literally JUST had the same Giant Eagle Cake/Nothing Bundt Cake conversation at work last week! I'm in Columbus and have a Nothing Bundt Cake dangerously close to my office.....

Meghan said...

Get the Nothing Bundt Cakes Gluten Free chocolate chip. SO GOOD... even if you arent GF!

Eloquently Emily said...

We have a Nothing Bundt Cakes just a few minutes from me and they are SO good. I also LOVE palaomas- anything with grapefruit juice I am a fan of and it's a nice change from the standard vodka soda.

Mary Pearce said...

Nothing Bundt Cakes are definitely big at weddings! My friend just had them at her wedding and my fiance ate like 9 of the mini-bundtlets.

Lauren said...

That skirt is beautiful!



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