Friday, March 30, 2018

March Favorites

These Pants// These are a bit out of my comfort zone because of the cut and print but oh my goodness, the second I put them on I fell in LOVE! They look so nice with a navy top and a wedge heel and they're so slimming. I would suggest sizing down one size!

Gel Cream// This cream could not have come at a better time. I received it a few weeks ago and it's been such a miracle when it comes to hydrating my skin. It's so lightweight and kind of just sinks into your skin immediately. It's great for under makeup or just before bed. Use code SYDNEY for 20% off! 

Eye Depuffing Gel// I have see this product being raved about by so many bloggers so I just had to try myself. I am actually impressed. When you are in a pinch and have puffy eyes, this truly does tingle a bit and make my eyes look more refreshed. Great for those late night/early morning situations or when you've had a bit too much to drink the night before! 

Planet Dog Toys// This + This are Henry's 2 favorite toys. He's started to sleep with this ball he is so obsessed. I've actually started to feed him a meal out of it because it's great for engaging his brain but also helps him to slow way down while eating.

Billions// This show is on Showtime and it's one I started to watch a while ago and couldn't get into. I just gave it another chance and now I am hooked. It's about finance in Connecticut and the scandals that go on. I think the trick to getting into it is really paying attention. It's not a show where you can scroll through your feeds or do work.

Mrs. Stewart's Bluing// A reader recommended this to me to use when I'm washing my whites. It's deeply saturated blue liquid and the idea is that the blue is supposed to balance out the yellowness and make your whites whiter. It works! 

Scalloped Dinner Plates// Just got these to use in place of my Wedgwood china from time to time. I wanted something plain and simple and I thought these were too cute! The quality is wonderful, too. 

Reboost Hair Mask// This is the BEST. I use it a few times a week and I swear it makes my hair feel so much softer and look healthier! 

Nantucket Tote// This tote is SO good. It has so many pockets and is big enough to carry pretty much anything I could ever need.

Velvet Hangers// These are really nice and soooo much cheaper than anywhere else I have found. 

Leggings// They are nicer than Lululemon and are so flattering. You can see me wearing them, here


Maureen said...

Sydney! Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the H&M shirt post. I would never, ever have looked there for the perfect shirt but in addition to the style you suggested - I bough three - they had some other terrific options. I have now replaced my entire shirt situation - 7 shirts - for $114. Amazing quality. Perfect for summer! Happy Easter!

Malinda said...

My fiance and I loooove Billions! It's definitely a more intelligent show and the subtle intricacies really make it. Somehow my fiance and I have found ourselves rooting for different characters, and arguing about it after makes the show even better lol



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