Monday, March 19, 2018

Pinboard Inspiration

So this is not some groundbreaking idea, but I thought I'd write about this in order to get your opinion! Do you have a pinboard in your office/by your desk?

I'm typically one of those people that do not like clutter and I keep my desk space pretty neat and organized at all times. I don't really have many photos displayed to remind me of the people I love nor do I have any ticket stubs or anything to remind me of the fun times as I'm pouring over Excel spreadsheets (blah). Because of this, I feel a touch uninspired. 

I think one of the solutions to creating a more inspiring space is to put up a pinboard near my desk. It would highlight some of my favorite branding that I have saved, I could pin some of my favorite photos, ticket stubs, and more. I actually have an entire folder filled with things that I have saved that inspire me. I never really see what is in the folder, though.

The other night I was trying to get organized and I went through all of my folders/paper to get rid of anything I didn't need. Well, I started looking through my inspiration folder (like a physical Pinterest board) and I immediately became reinspired. Whether it was a swatch of fabric or a napkin from a hotel, there were so many pretty things in the folder and so many great memories.

So, I think I am going to get a pinboard to put on a wall next to my desk, but I worry it may look too cluttered... or like a college dorm room. What do you think? Do you have a pinboard in your space? I pulled the images above to give me some ideas because I think they all look organized and 'clean'. Scroll through the widget above to see the boards I am considering! 


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking that I needed something like this! This is the one I am looking at -

Anonymous said...

Whitney Blake (she works for Emily Ley) has an amazing diy pinboard on her blog. I made it and it was so easy with her steps. Definitely recommend looking in case you want to make your own!

Casey said...

I have a bulletin board above my desk, and have mostly inspirations quotes and pictures on it.

Kelly said...

I think as long as it's contained to a pinboard and not just taped to the wall (shudder), it won't look like a college dorm room, ha! I also think leaving some background margin helps it look more grownup and sophisticated (you don't have to fill up every square inch). I have been working on a vision board for our family in 2018 and intend to design it into a print to avoid extra visual clutter (because I'm not particularly great at doing "just enough" when it comes to pinning up inspiration), but I follow Rhiannon Bosse and she did a board with clippings and it looked excellent. Can be done, just with finesse!

Anonymous said...

I was hesitant about "vision boards" for the same reasons you were, the great thing about them is, you can make them your own! I purchased a cheap cork board from Amazon and had it framed without glass by Framebridge. I print all the images on 4x4 prints from Shutterfly for a cohesive look.

Lauren said...

I have been wanting to do a vision board for a while - besides being a great source of inspiration I love how they look in a room!


Laura Baker said...

I have one in my bedroom that's been collecting sentimental "junk" for years and years, it's completely jam packed, but in a way that looks quaint to me. It helps me remember random little happenings and fun times I probably wouldn't think about otherwise.


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