Tuesday, April 24, 2018

GG Crackers vs Trader Joe's Crackers

GG Crackers vs Trader Joe's Crackers
Today we are discussing the very trendy 'GG Crackers'. It's a Scandinavian bran cracker and has become popular after Tanya Zuckerbot discussed them as a part of her F-Factor diet.  The crackers have been around since the early/mid-1900s and are known to be packed with fiber.

Just one GG (original) cracker has 12 calories. A serving has 20 calories, 4g of fiber, and 2g net carbs. I haven't read the book (but I am drinking the Kool-Aid and ordered one to read), but the very basic science behind consuming a lot of fiber is that fiber makes you fuller (for longer) and in turn, you eat less of everything else. 

I'm not totally into diets. I get exercise and eat pretty healthily generally. However, I have weeks... heck, months where I am 'bad'. That's when I try to get back on track. 

The GG crackers tout themselves as an 'appetite control cracker'. Another benefit is that since they are high in fiber, they help with digestion, too. I am hoping that means they will also help to kill bloat. So I figured I would get them and try them out.

GG Crackers vs Trader Joe's Crackers
GG Cracker vs. Trader Joe's Cracker

Before I was able to get my hands on the GG crackers (they are hard to find in stores- I suggest finding them on Amazon or GG's website). I stumbled upon Trader Joe's version. Trader Joe's version is only really similar in that it has 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per cracker. 

Otherwise, these crackers are night and day. The Trader Joe's version is like a more filling, healthier cracker. It's actually flavorful and delicious on its own. Plus, it's substantially larger than the GG cracker. It has a lot of seeds in it so that's where you get the added fat and protein that the GG cracker lacks. 

The GG cracker has very few ingredients and has a rough texture- almost like a Triscuit. Honestly, the GG crackers alone taste pretty bad. I don't think I'd ever eat one on its own. Not because of the taste, but because they are so dry. However, I ate two slices of the GG crackers topped with tuna salad (it was delicious) and I was SO full. How often can you say that you ate tuna salad and are stuffed?! You're actually supposed to eat 4 crackers (or so Tanya says) to feel full for a long period of time, so I plan on doing that from now on!

Tanya is such a believer in these crackers that she is selling a cracker pouch.  I could not make this up if I tried. 

So, if you are comparing the crackers, I'd say you should get the GG crackers for the F-Factor diet and the appetite control. The Trader Joe's version is just a yummy cracker (with some healthy ingredients). 

On GG's website, they have some recipes you can try with your crackers. I like the idea of a GG pizza. I think you could do PB and J, scrambled eggs, salmon and cream cheese, chicken salad... really the options are endless! The F-Factor has a huge archive of recipes, but I really only plan on adding the GG crackers into my diet and not really following the entire diet because the addition of the crackers is so easy! 

Have you heard of the GG crackers? Have you made anything good with them? I'd love to know!


Briana Nicole said...

These look delish! I'll have to try!


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I'll have to give these a try!



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