Wednesday, April 18, 2018

One of the Best Things on Amazon

I love finding gems on Amazon, don't you? Well, today I'm sharing a very GOOD gem that is worth every penny. Enter the sweater shaver. My mom has one from the early 90's so that's the only reason I even knew one existed. My mom's no longer works. So, I took to the internet to find my own. 

Sure enough, Amazon had soooo many to choose from. There are really inexpensive ones for around $15, and then there are some pricier ones. I have a lot of sweaters, most cashmere or wool. Because of that, I wanted to get one with good reviews and something that seemed a little higher quality that wouldn't ruin my sweaters. 

I ended up with this one and you guys... it's a GAME-CHANGER! I am going to let the photos below speak for themselves... 
Depending on how pilled your sweater is, it takes about 5ish minutes. You just lay the sweater flat and run the shaver over the sweater. It really does work! have so many sweaters in my closet that I don't wear because the pilling looks so bad. But, this made my sweaters look new!


Viola Yee said...

I bought one a month ago and can't believe how amazing it works. My sweaters look brand new and I'm not trying to pull the pills off with my fingers any more.

Kelly said...

I need this!


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