Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Target's Up and Up Products I Love

I was at Target last night and I had another post scheduled for today, but then I thought this would be a good topic, so I'm switching things around to fit this post in!

I typically try to avoid Target at all costs. The more I stay out of Target, the more stays in my wallet, ha! But in all seriousness, I really do stay out of Target for as long as I possibly can. I ended up running out of razors, so I finally ended up needing to go.

I'm pretty brand loyal when it comes to certain things, but then don't care at all about others. At Target, they have their in-house brand, Up and Up, which is typically cheaper than brand name products. I have a few tried and true favorites that I thought I would share. 

But as a disclaimer, you always want to check the prices on the brand names vs. Up and Up because Up and Up isn't always the lowest price. For example, this Scotch packing tape is something I buy often and it's the same price as the Up and Up so I always choose the brand name. 

I always like saving money, but I sometimes find you end up wasting your money on the generic if you don't know what to look for (for example, I have tried generic glass cleaner before and I just don't think it works as well as brand name)!  

I think these are the best! They are so similar to Venus and while they're not exactly the same, they do the trick and are substantially cheaper. They have 5 blades and have a surrounding strip that helps the razor to glide smoothly. 

I take a probiotic daily and they are expensive! I have tried other name brands that I like a little better than these, but I do like that they are higher strength and that they are in capsule form. The price is dramatically lower than most other probiotics out there and I think they are 'good enough'. 
You can literally buy a bottle of 1000 ibuprofen for less than a bottle of 300 Advil (both the same strength at 200mg). I actually have no idea why you would buy the Advil brand because these are exactly the same product just without a brand name.  They make capsules, too, if you prefer those, although they cost a bit more. 
I have tried more 'luxurious' shave gels, but this one does the trick day in and day out. Sometimes I'll 'splurge' on a brand name shave gel but I honestly don't think there's enough difference to warrant spending any more money! I think this one smells weird/unappealing, but the rest smell great!

I have tried other generic dishwasher packs before and I haven't found them to be as good as brand names. These ones, though, really do work well and don't make my glasses foggy at all. Everything comes out clean and sparkling just as they do when I use a brand name! 

I have a Swiffer brand broom/mop (not really sure what you call it) but I get the generic wipes. They are a lot less and work just as well as the Swiffer brand! 
I love that this bottle has a pump and it works just as well as any brand name polish remover! They also have these gel nail polish remover foils and they're so convenient! 

You can scroll through the widget at the top of this post to see some more favorites! Some honorable mentions: Trash Bags// Cotton Rounds// Aluminum Foil// Paper Towels// Toilet Paper

Do you have any favorite Up and Up products or generic products I should know about?! Let me know in the comments! 


Kelly said...

Whenever the time comes, Target's UP & UP diapers are the ONLY generic diapers worth anything. After we got out of the newborn phase (so around size 2), we exclusively use these! And we've only ever used Target unscented baby wipes. No complaints (they WORK! well!), often a coupon or Cartwheel available, and unbeatable prices!

Lauren said...

I always stock up on their sticky notes!


Laura Baker said...

Those gel polish nail foils are a GAME CHANGER. I've gotta check those out!

Mariah Rickard said...

I love their dupe of the neutragena face wipes too! I honestly think I like them better!


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