Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Best {Modest} Jean Shorts

Striped Tee (it's slightly cropped)// Gray Sweatshirt
Jean Shorts (similar)// Sunglasses
Hermes Sandals (similar)
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The first time I talked about jean shorts on Summer Wind, it was 2010. Eight years later and jean shorts are still a thing. In fact, I'm pretty sure they've always been a thing. They're truly a classic- an Americana staple. 

I used to wear jean shorts as a child but then once I got to high school/college, I rarely wore them. I had one pair and I would typically just prefer chino shorts over jean shorts. However, now, I (overall) just don't love shorts. There are a few pairs I will wear here and there, but if it's hot out, I'm more than likely in a dress or skirt. 

However, there is *one* pair of jean shorts I wear constantly. I've had them for a few years now and they're probably one of the most worn items in my closet. 

I'm in the thought camp of 'jean shorts are only meant to be worn casually'. There is no dressing them up. Of course, you do you, but that's just my opinion. Therefore, I love jean shorts when running errands or walking Henry. Basically, anything casual where I want to be comfortable! 

The reasons I am obsessed with these shorts is because of the roomy fit and modest length. A lot of jean shorts are made for teens. And then there are those shorts that may also double as underwear (you know the ones I'm talking about). It's actually very hard to find a modest pair of jean shorts! 

This is somewhat of a tease because the exact shorts I'm wearing in the photos above are no longer available. They are Rag and Bone from a few years ago. However, anytime I am wearing them and they pop up on Instagram/stories, I get flooded with questions about the short.s So I decided to create this post as a resource for those of you who ask!
Since they are no longer available, I searched the internet for the pairs that I think are the most similar looking and most modest and have rounded them up in the widget above. I think that this pair is the most similar to the pair I am wearing. This pair is very similar without any rips/tears.  

My biggest tip in finding a modest jean short is to look for a short that has a minimum of a 3" inseam. The pair I am wearing is 3" but you can actually unroll them twice making them longer. I personally think 4" is best because then, if you think they are too long, you can roll them up 1"! Of course this also really depends on your height/if you have longer legs/etc. Do what you feel best in! For me, 5" is where I draw the line (here's an example just so you can see the length). Then they become somewhat unflattering on me or look like Bermuda shorts!

Another way to find more modest jean shorts is to search for the word 'boyfriend'. That is what the pair of shorts I am wearing had in the name. A lot of 'boyfriend' style items are oversized so this just means that the jean shorts are more relaxed!

You can also check out resale websites if you really love mine and want the exact ones. I found pairs here, here, and here


Anonymous said...

You look so cute here! I love the slightly (slightly!) 70s/80s vibe of the stripes and thicker neck of the tee. Kind of an old school varsity look? Into it.

Really agree with you on fot of jean shorts! I also like them a bit more modest. The super tight and super short pairs just seem so uncomfortable. Plus, now that I am in my late 20s, I always think about “what of I see ny coworkers in these?” when getting dressed. Too short and too tight shorts? No thank you!!

Laura Baker said...

Old Navy also has some super good and affordable modest jean short options! They offer several different inseams. I don't wear denim shorts super often, so they're always my go-to.

Lauren said...

I love the jean shorts you are wearing and everything about this outfit!



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