Friday, April 20, 2018

Wella Color + WELLAPLEX Experience

Well Color and WellaPlex Experience

Last week, I went to a new-to-me salon in Pittsburgh, Studio Booth. It is located in the Shadyside/East Liberty neighborhood (right next to Trader Joe's. For my partnership with Wella, I headed to the salon because they offer Wella Color and WELLAPLEX (which is their newest launch this month)! 

I was excited to try out Wella Professionals color because I had heard so many amazing things. I met with my stylist, Jay, who told me he would be using the Professionals BLONDOR FREELIGHTS lightener on me, WELLAPLEX, and a gold toner. He also trimmed my hair! Jay was so fabulous in recommending what he thought would be best for me while also keeping in mind what I preferred and like for my hair! 

I wanted to share some before photos with you so you are able to see the difference. My hair was on day 5 of not being washed or styled. So this is basically what it looks like just before I wash it. I basically woke up, brushed my hair and went to the appointment. Overall, my hair is decently healthy (Jay said it was definitely healthy so I was happy to hear that!). I take care of it! 

However, between highlights and heat/styling tools, my hair takes a beating. I have some breakage and my hair definitely errs on the dry side. You can also see my roots majorly needed a touch-up! I had gone about 6ish weeks without highlights (I typically get them done every 4-6 weeks). 

WELLAPLEX is Wella's newest product that just launched this month! If you haven't heard of it, you are going to be SO glad you did because it's life-changing and I promise you that is no exaggeration! It's pretty scientific, but basically, it reconstructs your hair to make it stronger and make the color able to bond to the hair better, which in turn, makes the color look better.  It quite literally repairs your hair and the end result is a beautiful color, healthy shine, and just an overall improved look. 
There are three steps to WELLAPLEX. The first two steps are done in the salon and the third you do once a week at home (kind of like a hair mask in that it really makes your hair feel hydrated and healthy!). The first step is the WELLAPLEX No. 1 Bond Maker and the second step is the WELLAPLEX No. 2 Stabilizer. Your stylist just mixes these steps into your color so it doesn't really add any extra steps or time to your typical salon process.  

Once you leave the salon, besides using the WELLAPLEX No. 3 Bond Stabilizer (the take-home step), you can use Wella's FUSIONPLEX line which consists of an Intense Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask. The FUSIONPLEX line is designed to continuously repair your hair and prevent breakage out of the salon and even prevent damage from the sun and from heat tools. You can use the products as you normally would any other shampoo/conditioner/mask. These products not only smell lovely (light and fresh) but they also really do work. I'm very picky about shampoo/conditioner and this one leaves my hair well-conditioned! I also love the mask. I'm such a hair mask person, but this might be the best one I have ever tried because it's SO thick! 

wella color and wellaplex

wella color and wellaplex

wella color and wellaplex

wella color and wellaplex
I really think the photos speak for themselves! Overall, my hair feels SO good. I had others feel it (to make sure it wasn't a placebo effect) and everyone confirmed that it is most definitely softer and smoother. It looks so much healthier and the blonde is very 3 dimensional and rich. 

I think the first step is finding a good salon and stylist in your area, but it's also important to pay attention to the products they use on your hair. These are chemicals and not all are created equally! Check to see if you have a Wella salon in your area! I cannot say enough good things about Wella Professionals color and WELLAPLEX and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I also had a wonderful experience at Studio Booth with Jay! A big thank you to Wella for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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Anonymous said...

I go to Studio Booth, too and I love it there!

Meredith Milsak said...

Your color looks great! Do you know if they used a base breaker on your hair? Or did they just highlight and tone your hair, as a blonde always trying to get the perfect color I may have to go to that salon! Thanks!!

Summer Wind said...


Thanks! I don't think he used a base breaker... I think the gold toner that I always get usually just breaks the base anyway! If you end up going to Jay at Studio Booth, he'll be able to tell you exactly what he did! Could not recommend him more!


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