Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hostess Gift Ideas that are *Extra*

Hostess Gift Ideas
Flowers// Vase (under $30) 

Initial Mug// Coffee

'Tis the season for wedding weekends, showers, road trips, vacations, barbeques and more. With all of these events filling up your social calendar, it's important to be prepared to host guests as well as attend events! 

I have written about my 'gift drawer' before so many of you will know about this already, but for those of you that don't, here it is...  My grammie and mom taught me growing up that you should always have a stash of host/ess gifts on hand.  Of all of the things they have taught me over the years, this is for sure one of the things I truly stick to. 

It has come in handy SO much over the years and I continue to gather cute gifts whenever I see them or a good sale happens. I keep all of this in the bottom drawer of a side table. They're out of sight but it's like a treasure trove of goodies. The best time of year to snag really great gifts is after Christmas because everything goes on major sale. 

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the 'traditional' hostess gifts like a candle and wine/champagne and share how you can jazz it up a bit to make it 'extra'. 

Flowers// These are an easy go-to and work for almost every occasion. I suggest stocking up on vases and pre-arranging the flowers in a gorgeous vase before giving them as a gift. It's a little extra and it's nice when the host/ess is entertaining and doesn't really have time to properly cut and arrange them at the time of your arrival. You can find cute vases online, but Homegoods is a great resource for nice but inexpensive vases. 

Candle// Honestly, candles are expensive, so a candle alone is always a nice gift. However, wrapping the candle in cellophane with a box of cute matches tied with a pretty grosgrain ribbon makes it look even chic-er. You can get custom matches on Etsy, but can also buy cute sets online, too. I keep a bunch on hand just for this reason! 

Champagne/Wine/Liquor// This is one of my favorites to receive because I go through it so fast when having people over! It's nice to have an extra bottle and it's also fun to try what other people bring because it's most likely not something that I would pick up at the store myself. For this, I suggest adding cocktail napkins, a cute reusable cork, or a wine coaster. These are all things that you can have a ton of and make your contribution to the party stand out! 

Coffee Mug Set// Again, coffee mugs are one of those things that you really can never have enough of (or can you?!). My tip is to add their favorite coffee (or tea) or just add in a Starbucks card. It's simple but again, the little bit of attention to detail is what makes it more thoughtful!

Do you have any great host/ess gift ideas or things that have worked really well in the past? You can scroll through the widget above to see some more gift ideas that are great for most occasions! 


Fortune Dushey of Fortune Inspired said...

Love the bottle and wine holder. So cool!
Diptyque candles are always my go to gift but I also love the idea of monogrammed napkins. Tres Chic!

Laura Baker said...

I absolutely LOVE these ideas! Bringing a thoughtful hostess gift is such a classy thing to do, and a good habit to get into for twenty-somethings who are having a lot of friends and family getting married, having babies, moving into new homes, etc. I'll definitely be using these ideas!

Anonymous said...

Tiffany glassware. It's actually a great price point and the big blue box always makes a nice impression.

Lauren said...

The match books are so cute! Love all of these ideas!



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