Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lately 6/28/2018

I spent most of this past weekend on the couch. So considering I was on the mend come Monday made for a good week. I still felt a bit sluggish, but otherwise, getting better. It's always kind of weird to be sick during the summer months!

This weekend is filled with fun plans with friends, so it has me excited! Tonight we are celebrating a friend's birthday with a big dinner and tomorrow one of my best friends will be in town so I will get together with her! I'm hoping the weather will hold out as I'd like to get some pool time, too. My tan is seriously lacking!

Wearing: I think this gorgeous lemon print dress might be my most favorite piece of the summer thus far! I love the classic shape and the bow at the waist. The buttons down the front add a vintage feel. I can't wait to wear this for a multitude of occasions!

Questioning: This one is important! We are getting close to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Most bloggers post about it and it gets to a point where it becomes annoying. I get it. It's just a sale. I want to know what do you like to see in regard to the Anniversary Sale? What do you want to see from me? I plan on sharing my personal favorites and what I'll be purchasing, but other than that, what types of things do you like? It seemed like SO many of you enjoyed my try on last year where I included information about fit and quality so I'll be doing that again, too! Do you have a Nordstrom card and will you be shopping the early access or do you shop when it goes public to everyone? You can leave your feedback, here! It is totally anonymous but there is a spot to voluntarily leave your e-mail to be entered to win a $50 Nordstrom gift card. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I will only share what you guys want to see and promise not to shove it down your throats! 

Eating: I wish I was eating these Buzz Pop Cocktails! They're alcoholic fruit sorbet cocktails that are under 100 calories, vegan and gluten-free and apparently, they contain more alcohol than a glass of wine! I am headed to the lake in just two weeks and I thought these would be PERFECT for the week. But then I saw the cost. With shipping, it becomes $135 for a pack of 8 which makes each individual pop almost $17. They also charge separate shipping for every set of 8 that you buy... why? I'm not sure. I could see paying $17/pop if you were buying these in a restaurant/bar/etc.because of a markup, but not if you are buying them to enjoy in your home! Hopefully, they'll become available in grocery stores because they sound amazing!

Eating II: I just love making salmon. The easiest way (in my opinion) to make it is to marinate it in Trader Joe's soyaki and then bake it at 400 for 15-20 mins! One of my all-time favorite at-home meals. 

Drinking: Gatorade Glacier Freeze. You know the blue Gatorade frost? I always crave this when I am sick. I don't know what it is. I never drink Gatorade otherwise. Does anyone else love this flavor? This is the only flavor we drank during our 2-a-days for cheerleading camp in high school so drinking it always brings back fond memories. 

Reading: Just got this book in the mail. Very excited to read. Has anyone read it?!

Sale-ing: Check out my post about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, here!

 I've gotten back into Grey's Anatomy. I stopped around season 7 or something like that and now I'm invested again. I'm currently on season 10 and cannot get enough! Do you still watch Grey's? 

Listening: I've been listening to my 'Sunday Morning' playlist a lot. It's very 'chill' and easy to listen to whether your working or cooking dinner!

Loving: Sorry about the awful photos, but they are the only ones I had of these pajamas. I am OBSESSED. I am such a pajama person and these are so silky soft. I got a size medium because I like my pajamas roomy but I would still say they run true to size- a small would have been fine! I'm honestly considering buying the green and I also just got these because they are on sale. I hope this brand is included in the Nordstrom sale because it's a gem!

Loving II: This Morrocan Oil After sun lotion is amazing. It sprays right onto your body... similar to the way a perfume bottle sprays. The scent is super light and then you smooth it all over like lotion and you're hydrated! It drys so quickly and makes your skin so soft as if you covered yourself in lotion! Such a different product- I have never tried anything like it! 

Wanting: So many things this week! I also updated the 'home' widget on the sidebar to the right. 

Quoting: 'Don't tell people your plans, show them your results.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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CeeCee from KY said...

Ugh that lemon dress is calling my name so hard for my Charleston trip over Labor Day. Wanted to recommend the book "When Life Gives You LuluLemons". I read it in literally two nights. It's a fluffy beach read but I really enjoyed i!


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