Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Makeup Products I Love

Makeup Products I Love

 Striped Tee (size up, shrinks in dryer!)// White Jeans

I wrote a post back in March including all of the makeup products I love and use week in and week out. Since then, I've added a few new products to my routine that are worth sharing! These are products that have really stood out to me and in turn, I've started adding them into my routine! 

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow// This is a bronzer and highlighter set in a beautiful rose gold duo palette. This has to be one of my favorite products of ALL TIME. The bronzer is beautiful and very natural. It doesn't give you too much color so this would be great for someone with a heavy hand. The highlighter is the real winner. I'm a huge fan of highlighters and feel like I have tried them all. This is the BEST. It's such a fine powder and has the most natural, beautiful sheen. It's pricey but I think it's worth every penny.

Beached Bronzer// This bronzer comes in two shades. The lighter of the shades is the one I have been using most because it's more natural for my skin tone right now. I forsee switching to the darker once I am tanner this summer. This bronzer has no sparkle/sheen to it whatsoever. It's a fine, matte pressed powder and blends beautifully. It reminds me a little of Hoola. Hoola makes my face look 'dirty' but this doesn't, so it's a win for me!

Lipstick// I have all three shades of this lipstick. I don't like the shade 'heatwave' because it is metallic but I like 100 degrees and love  Tower 1. The tower 1 shade looks like a sparkly product you might have worn in 8th grade. It is something I would have never in a million years picked out if I saw it because it almost looks yellow with sparkles. I was sent this product and decided what the heck, I'll try it. It is SO pretty. You can wear it by itself or over top of another lip color. It's creamy like lip balm but stays on for a while. It's not really a color but enhances my lips and gives just a tiny bit of shimmer. Great for the summer months when you want to look sunkissed. 

Lipstick II// I included this lipstick in my May favorites because I love that it is minty and the colors are somewhat natural but still very pigmented. This goes on smoothly and truly stays on!!

Glossier Boy Brow// This is eyebrow enhancing for the lazy girl. I literally use this when I am too lazy to fill in my brows with my beloved Anastasia powder! You just swipe it through your brows and you're good to go. It takes all of 30 seconds! I use the shade brown.


Allie said...

I love the Charlotte Tilbury bronze and glow! It goes on like a dream. I’m excited to try her flawless filter next, and those lipsticks you mentioned. Thanks for the tips! xAllie

Casey said...

I'm liking your gold bangle bracelet! Where did you get it?

Lauren said...

Love every single one of these!


CeeCee from KY said...

I just searched your site to make sure you hadn't posted this before (if you have and I missed it forgive me!) but would you consider posting a contouring tutorial? I ordered some new bronzer and highlighter from sephora the other day but now that it's actually here I'm scared to try it! haha


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