Monday, July 9, 2018

Drinking More Water

Drinking More Water
I feel like I am always saying 'I'm going to work on drinking more water'. I do for a few days and then abandon it. It's not that I am necessarily bad at drinking water, but I could definitely do better. 

When I got sick a few weeks ago, I made it my main goal to be as hydrated (water only) as possible. I saw these 1.5L bottles at Whole Foods (they're huge) and grabbed a few of them and from there it was my goal to drink at least 2 of these 1.5-liter bottles per day. I would drink one and keep another chilled in the fridge, then I would refill the empty, and so on. 

I realized I couldn't keep refilling these plastic bottles over and over before they started to get gross. I have a ton of water bottles so I didn't necessarily need a new one. However, I find that having at least a liter to drink from can help me track my drinking and I also won't have to fill it up as much. The 1.5-liter bottles I was drinking from are HUGE, so cutting it back to just a liter-sized bottle makes transporting it a little easier and less heavy! 

I try to drink the first liter before lunch (I usually eat an early lunch around 11/11:30am). Then I work on the second liter in the afternoon. The third liter is around 4-8pm and then I have to cut myself off. A liter is about 33 ounces, so it's about 8.25 ounces an hour (about a cup an hour). 

I have noticed myself being way less hungry/eating less. I had read drinking water can help with weight loss and while I haven't really noticed any weight loss and that's not my goal, I think it's just helping me to eat a little less! I haven't noticed much in the way of anything else just yet (except how often I go to the bathroom- that's the annoying part, especially when you are on the move) but I am hoping this will just help me to overall be the healthiest version of myself!

Three liters is a lot of water (100+ ounces is over 6 regular sized water bottles (16oz)). I never really thought I was drinking too little before this and now I know I probably rarely drank at least 3 liters of water a day. At first, it was almost a struggle to get through all 3 liters. That's what I mean when I say I ate less- that much water really fills you up! 

But now that I have been doing it for a few weeks, it has become quite easy. I'm used to it and sometimes will even drink more than 3-liters!

Are you drinking enough water? Do you have any water goals? I ended up ordering this water bottle. I personally prefer a clear water bottle so I can gauge where I am with my intake. I also think a straw helps me to drink more. These are both personal preferences though. I used one of these in college for all 4 years and it was my favorite. This one is just the liter size! If that's not your thing, I'm sharing so many more options in the widget above!


Kristie Glenn said...

Drinking a sufficient amount of water has so many benefits like losing weight, improving skin and more. Although, I admit that it can be hard to reach the daily amount needed every month. Great job at keeping it up!

Anonymous said...

Please be careful drinking alkaline water. It’s actually a gimmick. If you have working kidneys your body balancies the acidity just fine. In fact, in certain circumstances it can be dangerous. Like if you have a stomach bug and throw up a bunch (meaning you lose a lot of acidity from your stomach) and you drink this, you could get seriously sick. You could have seizures, abonirmal heart rhythms, and could even become comatose. Of course this is a really extreme example and you said you were refilling them and that you bought another bottle, but as a nurse I just like to make sure you stay safe!

M. said...

BKR! They are so chic and due to their weight/size I find that you're less likely to leave it somewhere. Plus the glass prevents any mold or smells!


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