Saturday, July 7, 2018

Saturday Shopping

Happy happy weekend!! This is such a great weekend because the weather has been absolutely incredible! We have been going through a crazy heatwave and as of yesterday, it has finally cooled down! 

Last night I got together with one of my best friends, Aly, and we got takeout sushi from my favorite, Little Tokyo, and caught up! I also made sure my apartment was clean so I could relax and enjoy it all weekend! 

Today, I'm running a bunch of errands. Detailing my car, Henry's getting a bath, and more. Boring and basic, but necessary. It will feel so good to get all of that taken care of! Then I plan on spending the afternoon at the club. We are staying for the fireworks that night. They are setting them off on the golf course and I look forward to it every year! 

Scroll through the widget above for some of my picks from this week! There is currently a really good Ralph Lauren sale. Their sweaters are pricey, but I really think they are the best. This is the best time to buy them because they go on big sale! I am eyeing this navy cashmere sweater. It's still pricey, but soooo gorgeous. 

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