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The Best Eye Creams

The Best Eye Creams
Last week on Instastories, I mentioned that I was about to run out of one of my favorite eye creams! It's thick and creamy- just what I love to use at nighttime. I'm all about taking care of my skin- it's one of my favorite topics to read about, too!

The photo above was taken on a day that I was particularly tired/ with puffy eyes and I think that I hid it well. Between a good eye cream regimen, cold products/ice, and concealer (the one linked is the best ever), I think it's truly possible to hide tired eyes! 

Since I love to try new products, I reached out to all of you to suggest eye creams that have been your favorites. Below I have listed what were the top 8 recommended products. The Kiehl's was by far the most recommended and the rest of the list is also in order based on the number of recommendations! 

I am also sharing with you the eye creams that I have tried and loved and then some that I have tried and not loved.

Top Reader Recommended Eye Creams:
- Kiehl's Midnight Recovery// This was the #1 most recommended eye cream. I literally might buy this one because it's not in a tub. I wish nothing came in a tub- it's not sanitary!!! 
- Origins Ginzing// I tried this once but I can't remember what I thought of it. I love the face cream so I feel like this could be a really good one! This has a really affordable price tag.
- Tata Harper// I never jumped on the TH bandwagon but I'm interested in trying the brand. It has a big cult following. The price on this is really $$$ in my opinion... $100 for half an ounce!
- Dr. Dennis Gross// Very intrigued by this. Anything with Vitamin C in it is my absolute favorite. 
- Fresh// Love this brand. 
- Ole Henriksen// This is another vitamin C eye cream so I am intrigued!
- Clinique// This is a really inexpensive option and has good reviews. There is a set included in the Nordstrom Sale!
- Skinceuticals// I'm surprised this was not mentioned more. This is one of my favorite skincare brands in that there is nothing fancy about these products. They usually smell terrible, too. But they truly work and I see very clear results. But it's a very pricey brand! 

Eye Creams I have used and loved:
- Aveda Tulasara// Extremely rich and creamy. Perfect for before bed. The tub design is kind of annoying when dipping your finger in- because of the angular shape when you are trying to get the last bit of product out, it gets hard to really use every bit. 
- Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone// I used this for years in college. It's thick- but it does have a fragrant scent that I don't love. It gets insane 5-star reviews, so it's not just me that loves it. 
- Tula Eye Cream// Light enough for both day or night. No scent. Just an all-around great eye cream. I prefer something thicker for nighttime! 
- Olay Eyes// This is the best in the mornings. It's a lightweight gel that cools down your eyes and depuffs them. I keep this in my refrigerator for an added cold zap! I use it any morning I have even remotely puffy eyes and it truly works. Even though it's a gel, it isn't too watery and soaks into your skin nicely.  
- No More Baggage// This one isn't a cream, but it's something I use in the mornings to help with puffiness. This tingles slightly. I usually use it after the Olay Eyes and it noticeably reduces puffiness quickly! 

Eye Creams I have tried and didn't like:
Sharing these so you don't waste your money! Surprisingly, all of the brands with eye creams I don't like are brands that I actually love almost every other product I have tried. 

- Drunk Elephant Eye Cream// It's a cream but I found this was too watery and I felt it didn't do anything. 
- Ole Henriksen Eye Gel// Way too watery, sat on my skin instead of soaked in.
- Kate Sommerville// I felt like this one actually made my eye area dry!

Products Mentioned and More:


Kristen said...

I just LOVE(!) Tata Harper products, particularly the Illuminating Eye Cream. Although her products are definitely pricey, they are some of the cleanest on the market. The eye cream is both effective (in my opinion) and made 100% of natural ingredients, plus Tata Harper is a cruelty-free company that does not test on animals whatsoever. That last point is a total deal breaker for me, and it’s surprising that lots of major brands still test on animals — including L’Oreal, Olay, Lancôme, MAC, Estée Lauder, Revlon, Neutrogena, Clinique.. the list sadly goes on!

Evie said...

I'm with you 100% about creams that come in tubes instead of tubs! Whenever I'm in the market for something new, I ask store associates if they have anything that comes in a tube, and they look at me like I have three heads. But I find that tubes are a) more sanitary, b) give you more control over how much product you use and c) are easier to pack for traveling. Sadly, it seems that the most highly-ranked products are usually in tubs...


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