Monday, September 17, 2018

10 Fall Wardrobe Staples

10 Fall Wardrobe Staples
The fall season lends itself to the best kind of dressing (in my opinion): layers! I can't get enough of layer colors and textures for a classic but cozy look. 

I was racking my brain to think of fall wardrobe staples that get the most wear in my closet each season. I came up with many more than 10, but tried to simplify it so as not to overwhelm everyone! These are pieces that I think regardless of your personal style, they are staples and (many are) functional for all women!
Barbour Jacket// This is my favorite lightweight jacket. It's casual and neutral so it can work with so many different outfits. I also love that it's roomy so you can easily layer once the temps start to drop!

Cute but Comfortable Flat Shoe// Think classic ballet flats or a velvet smoking slipper in either a neutral or fall hue like deep green or burgundy!
Vest// I love Patagonia J.Crew Puffer, . I notice myself reaching for vests all fall and winter long. They are so good at keeping your core warm without adding a ton of bulk. They're also cute, too! 

Chunky Sweater// Need I say more? I love a textured, chunky knit. It's warm and comfortable but adds so much character to any outfit. I also love a cashmere cable knit. I ordered two of the one I am linking- they're so cozy and cute. They come in so many colors and at $70, they are nice for the price!

Cashmere Wrap// I rave about these wraps all the time and there's good reason! They are so versatile! I wear mine like a scarf and the gray pairs really nicely with a Barbour jacket.

Oxford Cloth Button Down// This is my layering hero in the fall! I love the classic style and casualness of oxford cloth so I have every color and stripe imaginable! They're cute on their own but are great for layering! 

Leather Jacket// This adds a bit of edge and texture to any outfit. Perfect for a chilly night and works with everything from a t-shirt to a dress! Honorable mention to leather leggings, too! 

Neutral Booties// I am not a huge bootie fan. I would much rather wear flats or loafers. But some outfits just call for booties or booties are necessary for keeping you warm! 

Functional Neutral Rain Jacket// This has been one of my latest purchases. I had some 'cute' rain jackets but nothing super functional. I love being prepared for a rainy day!  
Plaid// Whether it's a plaid shirt, plaid scarf, shoes, etc. A plaid touch always lends a cozy casual vibe that is always well-loved during the fall season. I love a good plaid and plaids like Blackwatch can be treated like you would a neutral!

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Allie said...

Plaid is the best! I love a good plaid with a big statement earring to add some glam. xAllie


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