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The Most Comfortable Heels You'll Ever Wear

The Most Comfortable Heels You'll Ever Wear

manolo blahnik bb pump 50mm review

manolo blahnik bb pump 50mm review

manolo blahnik bb pump 50mm review
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One of the first few years when I was right out of college, I was offered a job. It was a good job for my age and skillset at the time. One of the 'requirements' of the said job was for me to wear skirts/dresses every single day with pantyhose and high heels.

I'm all for a dress code. There is a time and a place for one and I get that. But you better believe I was not going to promise to wear high heels every. single. day. Needless to say, I turned down the job offer. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love a good high heel. I have many pairs and wear them somewhat often. They make me feel sexy or powerful or glamorous! But there is something to be said for a flat shoe. While a heel is sometimes the most flattering choice, sometimes my feet just scream out for a flat shoe!

Earlier this year, I saw this article and could not agree more!  I really think that it all made sense: I was wearing fewer pairs of my heels and reaching for more sensible (but still beautiful) shoes. 

The LA Times article says that women are willing to pay more for more comfortable shoes and I could not agree more. If I find a shoe that my foot feels incredible in, I will buy a pair in every color (hence why I have the Ferragamo Vara in almost every color, ha!). 

The article also mentions that people are on the go now more than ever and because of that, they need a shoe that can keep them moving. This was another point where I found myself shaking my head in agreeance. Sometimes, when I am in high heels, I feel immobile. For example, if I was out at a restaurant and then we relocate for drinks and the new location was 8 blocks away, I really might not make it in my highest/more uncomfortable pair of heels. 

For me, the pain is just not worth it. I have an insanely high arch that makes many shoes- even flat shoes- have a deleterious effect on my feet. So I am really picky when it comes to adding a pair of shoes to my closet!

All of this to say that I found a shoe that looks like a 'heel' but feels like a flat!!! It's like hitting the jackpot! The winners are the Manolo Blahnik BB pump in 50mm. PurseBlog has a great heel comparison graphic that you should definitely check out! I love the classiness of the BB pump but have always been so wary of the high heel! 

The 50mm is 2 inches. It's basically a 'kitten' heel but doesn't look dorky.... so like high heels with training wheels, ha! They are pricey, but I could walk 10 miles in them! This heel height sells out quickly and especially in the more popular colors so if your size and the preferred color is out of stock, don't worry because they restock them throughout the year. They also occasionally go on sale. It's usually the more seasonal colors but sometimes you can find them for under $300 on sale! 

I know this is going to sound a little nutty but other shoe brands like Jimmy Choo and Prada make a very similar style shoe but Manolo Blahnik's low heel is .2" higher and I really think that almost unnoticeable bit of added height makes the shoe look less dowdy and much more elegant. 

Do you have a favorite brand and style of heel that is amazingly comfortable? I would love to know about them!


Kristen said...

I have several pairs of the 100 and 105 mm BB’s, and I really love them both! They are such a classic, beautiful heel. I’m not really a kitten heel person — for me it’s either flats of 4”! I’m sure all the BB’s are great though, and another similar style I love (and wore on my wedding day) is Jimmy Choo’s Romy 100.

Laura Baker said...

Anything with a block heel is a win for me! I feel that around the 2"-3" heel range is where the height is the most flattering, while still remaining comfortable.


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