Thursday, November 8, 2018


Holy moly, Thursday snuck up on me!!! This week has not been that notable. A lot of behind-the-computer stuff and getting everything organized, which is never really fun but always feels so good after you do it.

I did, however, get the chance to speak on a panel last night at Chatham University. I love panels because not only do I love sharing my knowledge but I love learning from the other panelists. It's the best of both worlds!

I also took Henry to his yearly vet appointment this week. I was so pleasantly surprised when the vet estimated Henry to be 2.5 years old. When I got him, they said he was between 2 and 3 years old, but more likely on the older side. It's nice to know he is on the younger side! He is also in great health. He had to get 3 shots and didn't even need to be held down- I was shocked. I thought for sure he would freak out- he was calmer than I was!

Tonight I'm going to the Steelers game with Peyton (who I went to Paris with!). This weekend I'm not going ANYWHERE! I'm so excited. I have 0 set plans. I hope to be able to get some sleep. I have been working a lot and with that, I've been up early every single morning. I am NOT a morning person so to be able to sleep in will be such a luxury. I also plan on hanging out with my friend Eugenia who will be in town and I will hopefully deep clean my apartment at some point, too.

Wearing: If you ever take only one piece of advice from me, then please let it be to get these sweatpants. I love a good pair of sweatpants. I sometimes feel like I have tried them all. However, these are the softest pants I have ever felt. They are SO insanely comfortable. They're warm but lightweight, they have pockets and are actually decently flattering so you could wear them out in public if you wanted. I loved them so much, I went back to order the gray and the black. They run big. I'm wearing a small but they're super roomy. I sometimes size up to a medium in sweats for a more roomy fit, but you don't need to size up with these. These will make anyone on your gifting list SO happy. 

Eating: I did a Trader Joe's haul this week on instastories and one of the new items I tried from Trader Joe's is their Salad Palette Turkey Harvest. Oh my goodness is it good! It tastes like Thanksgiving but has a lighter/fresher feel since it is on a bed of kale and spinach. It's not exactly the most healthy thing, but it is soooo worth it.  

Reading: This is the most random article that I found from Pinterest, but it has some really good pointers (others are a little odd- like putting silver contact paper on your refrigerator- I actually laughed aloud at some of the suggestions). I love the idea of putting your soaps from the shower into nice bottles that all match. 

Watching: I'm Leon Bridges obsessed so this is a really fun Gap Kids holiday ad that he did! 

Listening: If you were ever a Hanson fan, then you will LOVE this. I'm such a Hanson fan and love this set to a symphony. It is epic. Also, it brings me back to my insane crush over Zac Hanson. He was an older man to me and I was IN LOVE. It also reminds me of the time my parents surprised my sister and me with tickets to their concert in Atlanta. I remember crying from being so happy and my dad got us t-shirts and Callie's tee shirt was literally a dress on her she was so little! I must have been 7 and Callie was probably 3 because that is when Middle of Nowhere came out (we had the cassette, ha!). Can we also discuss the photo of Taylor Hanson? He looks pretty much the exact same- I wonder what his skincare regimen is!! 

Loving: Barbour is giving away 5 custom Holiday jackets! All you have to do is enter your info on their website-so fun! I just entered to win a jacket for Henry! Finger's crossed!

Wanting: I think this coat concept is brilliant. It's a beautiful cream puffer coat but, it actually turns into a vest! You can get a lot more wear with the 2-in-1 design and I love the gold buttons. 

Pittsburgh-ing: This week I met my girlfriend, Aly, for dinner at Christo's. It's a Mediterranean restaurant downtown! Aly had read that the owner, Christo, made Jackie O's wedding cake when she married Aristotle. He also worked on their yacht as the chef. We got to meet Christo and his son and they were so kind and it was fun to hear stories! I had never heard of Christo's before and you'd miss it if you were walking past! The food was ok, but we were really there for the cake that he made for Jackie. It was light and topped with cinnamon. Different, but very good!

Pittsburgh-ing II: I don't frequent Sienna Mercato that much, but they have brought their Turkey balls back this month and they are my favorite. It's turkey meatballs (made with stuffing and cranberries) over cheddar mashed potatoes, sweet corn, and topped with gravy. SO. Good. 

Quoting: 'What comes easy won't last, what lasts won't come easy.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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Ann W said...

I have walked right past Christos so many times! We park next to it for the Bendeum shows! We have never thought to eat there as it looks really small and dark - LOL! I think I will try it next week when I go to Fiddler or the Roof with my mother! Thanks for the info!


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