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Gift Guide: Amazon Prime

Gift Guide: Amazon Prime
As we reach nearer to Christmas, dates for shipping by December 25th are passing us. Yesterday was the last day for USPS Grond shipping to be delivered in time for Christmas. However, Amazon Prime is always here to save the day. 

Today I'm sharing great items that are available with Prime shipping (2 days or less- a lot of products are being shipped 1-day with a $35 minimum). Everything on this list is under $100 and most are priced as stocking stuffers (under $20!). 

Dove Shower Foam// This is one of my favorite body washes and it's really inexpensive. This would be a great stocking stuffer. It smells wonderful and the foam is so great!

SD Card// This is my favorite SD card because it is SO fast. Give this to anyone on your list that has a camera and they will appreciate it. You can never have too many SD cards and this one is the best!

The Good Neighbor// I am so intrigued by Mr. Rogers. As a Pittsburgher, I feel pride for having him in our city. But I also think there is still so much everyone- adults and children- can learn from Mr. Rogers. This is a NY Times bestseller!

Phone Stand// This is kind of silly but it's also something I actually use quite frequently. It gives my phone a 'home' on my desk, but I also will set it in the bathroom or in the kitchen and use it to watch things or even just go through instastories while I'm doing things like curling my hair or washing the dishes. 

Pet Hair Remover// I use this daily and it truly works to remove pet hair from everything from your clothes to upholstery. It would make a great gift for anyone that has a pet!

Fill It Pocket// I love this! It's a stretchy pocket with adhesive on the back so you can stick it to your laptop. I use this to hold my portable hard drive. It's especially helpful when I'm working from my couch 

Bistro Napkins// These are so great for the price. I love these bistro napkins because they are casual but classic and are great for everyday use. I am a huge fan of cloth napkins-especially when having guests over- so I'm always collecting different sets of napkins. They can be expensive and these are so inexpensive that you don't have to worry about ruining them because they can easily be replaced. 

Travel Mirror// This mirror is amazing if you have ever needed to do your makeup on-the-go. I cannot tell you how often I have done my makeup in the car (while someone else is driving or while I'm parked) and having a great mirror is such a game changer. This is an easy one to just keep in your handbag and makes a great gift!

Ice Roller// This is like a recommendation from every blogger, but it's a legitimate one. It is so great to have in the mornings if your eyes or face is puffy. Not only does it feel wonderful but it really does help to rid your eyes of the bags. 

USB Power Strip// I always carry this when I travel. The extra long cord turns even the shortest charging cable into a long one. Plus, you can plug up to four cables in the power strip. It's small so it doesn't take up room in your bag and it is super lightweight. Lots of different colors so if you get them for sister/brothers, you can get them different colors so they can tell them apart. It also has a universal socket so you can use it abroad, too. 

Real Techniques Brushes// These are so good and pretty much the only brush brand that I own. They are super inexpensive but work so well. 

Invisibobble Hairties// I've mentioned this many times but these are my favorite hair ties. They really do work. I have tried a bunch of the knockoffs/drugstore brand and these are worth the extra few $$ because they're so much better and don't break. This set of 9 sold out at Sephora SO quickly and they have it on Amazon now for just $18- that's a savings of $6! 

Sponges// I have recommended these sponges for years now. I know it's kind of weird to recommend a sponge but these really are the best. The sponge is quite hard when it is dry and it stays stiff in cold water. In hot water, it turns into a very soft sponge so you can really control it for the type of thing you are cleaning. They are also scratch-free so you can use them on anything (I can verify this!). 

Velvet Hangers// This set of 50 is such a good price and the hangers I use in my closet. The velvet keeps clothing from slipping off the hangers. You can always use more hangers!

Tula Products// Did you know that one of my favorite skincare brands is available on Prime?! This is one of my favorite products for anti-aging!

Beautiful Playing Cards//How fun and pretty are these playing cards?! 

OPI Polish// One of my favorite polish brands and Bubble Bath is one of my all-time favorite shades. 

2019 Calendar// I have used this calendar for 3 years now. I love it. I just lay it on my desk under my laptop and update it as needed. I love the size of each 'day' so you can fit a lot in. Plus, it is high quality and the designs are beautiful. 

Sharpie Pens// These are my go-to pens. I love color coding when it comes to to-do lists and calendar-keeping. The colors don't bleed and the tip is fine and never 'smooshes' down.

See all of my other gift guides, here. 

Things on sale:
- These Matouk towels are pricey, even on sale, but worth every penny. They are the most luxurious thing you will ever feel. At $12 off, you'll feel at least a little better about buying them. I bought them full-price and would do it again- they're that good.

- I just ordered these boots for myself! They're a little out of my style comfort zone but I'm hoping the print will help to break up all the black that I wear during the winter months.

- The cutest little chinoiserie cachepot that would make a great vase.

- There are only a few sizes left in this dress but I scored it on sale and I am so excited. The dress is so classic and very Jackie O.

- I so badly wish this sweater was still available in my size. It's stunning. Snag it while you can-on sale plus an extra 30% off.

- A super soft and nautical navy cashmere throw. A great gift or for yourself!

- This cashmere wrap is 40% off and comes in a ton of colors.

- This silver tophat ice bucket that is 50% off (under $50). Looks very Ralph Lauren but without the Ralph pricetag.

- This bag is under $50 but looks so much pricier.

- Gorgeous Ferragamo sandals.

- This puffer is still on sale. It's one of my favorites. Lightweight and easily packable but still warm! 

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