Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Black Tie Wedding Guest Dresses

Yellow Gown (old, similar, similar, similar)
Today I thought I would share what 'type' of wedding we are having. This is something that I have always wanted in terms of weddings: a black tie wedding. 

I think there is something so elegant about tuxedos and gowns and I wanted my wedding to feel like a very special occasion. There are so many different occasions to rock a cocktail dress, but nowadays, it's a rarity to rock a gown and tux! 

Plus, our church and venue are very elegant so black tie really works well in both environments! I'm so excited to see our little ring bearer in a tux- so cute!!! 

Because I personally skew 'fancier' and my fiancĂ© skews more casual, we compromised that we would have a more casual rehearsal dinner! 

For wording on our invitations, we are wording it 'black tie' without the 'optional'... I just personally appreciate dress codes that are more clear cut, so there isn't any gray area for interpretation. 

I thought today would be perfect to share some black-tie gowns you can wear as a wedding guest! Most of my friends have all had black tie weddings so I have quite a few gowns. But, even if you have been attending more casual weddings, I always suggest having at least 1 black gown in your wardrobe. You never know what will pop up! Plus, a black gown will work for every occasion from a formal fundraiser to a black tie wedding! I have this gown in black and it is so gorgeous! 

My other tip for choosing a gown is to order a bunch and try them on or shop in store. Oftentimes, I don't love the online photo, but when you see it in person, it is gorgeous!


simply styling said...

Gorgeous gowns, both of them !

Annaliese said...

I've always thought it would be so fun to have a black tie wedding! Yours will be beautiful I'm sure!

xoxo A

Sunny said...

I cannot even with that yellow gown! It is amazing and perfect on you.

JHoyle21 said...

Absolutely LOVE the black gown on you! stunning! Great post! definitely needed this as I have 8 weddings this summer!

CeeCee from KY said...

What I love about black tie is it's not just a standard of dress, it's a standard of hosting, and when you attend or host a black tie event, you know it's going to be dazzling: plated dinner, open bar, valet, live music, engraved paper products, custom florals etc. We hosted a black tie wedding and I LOVE attending others black tie weddings. Half the fun is the excitement leading up to it, picking your gown etc! I know yours will be fabulous.

maryphoebe said...

My wedding is going to be Black Tie too-no optional! I love that you're doing it as well. Makes me feel better! I agree with everything you pointed out!

Anonymous said...

All of those gowns are beautifu, but are you aware that it is not socially appropriate to have black tie before 6pm?

Summer Wind said...

Anonymous, I have never heard of 6pm as the specific time, but knew black tie was more appropriate for evening in general. I’ve been to tons of black tie weddings that were well before 6, though, and never thought twice about it! Mine starts at 5, so I don’t really think an hour makes much of a difference! And to be quite honest, I’m not even sure I care what is ‘technically’ appropriate because it is my wedding and I’m going to be doing what I want to do :)

hollygolightly said...

That navy gown with the gold bobble earrings is perfection!!
Black tie just seems to push the 'glam factor' up a few notches, whatever the celebration. It's not so often that you get to go to one, so as a guest, it's pretty special.


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