Thursday, April 4, 2019


What. A. Week. Not really ready for the weekend because it is going to entirely revolve around moving things to the new house, starting to put things together, etc. So. Much. Work. We have movers coming towards the end of April, but until then, we're on our own. So thankful for my parents who are helping SO much.

At least this past weekend I moved the kitchen and we painted the garage. The painting of the garage was one of those most arduous tasks I have ever done. It took so much time and was so boring. Never painting again, ha! But, I will say, now that the garage is painted, I am very pleased!

Monday, I had to drive 3 hours to Buffalo, NY and back to get my passport- it's a long story, but I'm headed to Jamaica on Monday for a photo shoot with a favorite brand so I am very excited!

Between moving this weekend, traveling/Jamaica work trip, and then the following weekend I have several dress appointments and it is my birthday, on top of regular work/chores, I'm going to need a very long nap! All fun and exciting things, but exhaustion is setting in just think about all of it!

Wearing: Newly in love with this navy and white Gingham Dress. It's truly a simple, timeless piece that you can wear for a lot of occasions. What I love most about this style of dress is that you can easily wear this out to run errands with simple flat sandals, but you can also add a dressier heeled sandal and wear it out for a nicer dinner or party! I'm thinking a wide brown belt around the waist would look really cute with it, too, or a navy blazer if you work in a more traditional office!

Eating: I WISH I was eating this for breakfast.

Drinking: The only thing that is in our new fridge right now is a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and you better believe we are popping that open this weekend as a reward for all of the blood sweat and tears in this move, ha! 

Reading: The best chocolate chip cookie in every state. The Pennsylvania cookie is located in Pittsburgh at Nancy B's! I have never been but now it is on my list to try! 
One// Two// Three// Four// Five
*Three and Four are in-store only
Sale-ing: This sale is for Pittsburghers! Macy's in Pittsburgh is having a shoe sale in-store this Saturday, April 6th.  Get one pair of shoes at 30% off and buy two, you get 40% off! You can also take the Great Shoe Quiz on the Macy’s app and you’ll get a $10 gift card to use toward your purchase. There are SO many great pairs included in the sale like all of these amazing neutral sandals.

Watching: Have you all watched the Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos documentary on HBO yet?! The story is nuts and now I want to read the book and listen to the podcast. Definitely recommend it- it creeps me out! 

Loving: Petco is becoming the first retailer that is banning artificial ingredients from pet food and treats. I LOVE this. 

Wanting: In my house shopping endeavors, I came across so many great pieces from... you'll never believe it... Walmart! They're all super cute and very affordable. Swipe through to see some of the gems that I found! 
Pittsburgh-ing: Last week I went to Federal Galley and finally had El Lugar! I got the burrito and couldn't even eat half of it, it was so huge! But very delicious and flavorful. I definitely recommend!

Traveling: I'm off to Jamaica on Monday for a very exciting trip... stay tuned!! 
Quoting: See more of my favorites, here. 

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simply styling said...

Beautiful gingham dress ! So excited to see photos of your new house !


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