Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: My Bridal Party + How I Asked My Maid of Honor

Today's post is one that has been highly requested! I'm sharing my bridal party and how I asked my maid of honor! 

Ever since I started to be in weddings, I have personally always felt that a huge bridal party felt super overwhelming. There is always SO much going on, I have always thought it might be hard to focus and be in the moment. 

I have so many wonderful girlfriends and when I was younger and daydreaming about who I would have in my bridal party, I was always reminded just how many 'groups' of friends I have. I am lucky and blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life. Meaning I can't really ask one without asking the entire group, you know? Friends from college, friends from high school, family friends, cousins, etc. Had I decided to ask all of my closest girlfriends, I would have had a bridal party line out the door of the church, ha! 

So, to make things simple and easy, both Andrew and I are only having a maid of honor and best man. No bridesmaids, no groomsmen. I wanted the day of to be focused on my family and those absolutely closest to me. My sister is my maid of honor. For those of you who don't know, my sister Callie is 4 years younger than me and lives in Charlotte, NC and I miss her dearly! I would not walk down the aisle without her.

So, my sister, mom, dad, and I will all be getting ready together just like our usual family unit. Of course, we will have visitors throughout the morning! This is exactly what I have always wanted and I am so glad that all of my girlfriends are so understanding of this. 

Luckily, my fiance´was totally on board with this, too! He, like me, has different friend groups from home, college, etc. that his list was getting out of hand. Sadly, his brother passed away when they were children so he will be asking his best friend. They went to high school and college together. They also worked at the Juice Bar on Nantucket together during the summers.

To ask my sister, I wanted to do something really big and special. It was very obvious she was going to be my maid of honor, so that really wasn't going to surprise her. I was trying to rack my brain and finally decided to send her a cute card and Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps

As you might have read, my wedding shoes are the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps so I thought it would be fun for us to have 'matching' sister shoes! She will be wearing the black 105mm pumps. Like me, she will wear the pumps to any of the events leading up to my wedding, too! She took the photo above once she got it in the mail since I had it directly shipped to her! 

My fiancé hasn't asked his best friend yet, but once he does I might share with you all how he asked his best man! Hopefully, he comes up with something cute and clever!

I feel so happy and so lucky to have Callie stand by my side. I couldn't imagine it any other way! 


Annaliese said...

What a special way to ask your sister! While I am not even close to being engaged, I've had the same thought about having too large of a bridal party someday- as I have multiple friend groups as well! It sounds like you made a perfect decision.

xoxo A

Anonymous said...

Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thanks for providing these details.


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