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TV I Love + What I Want to Watch

The Best TV to Watch 2019
There are so many of my favorite shows coming out with new seasons this year that I thought it would be fun to share with all of you! I'm sure a lot of you already watch some of these, too. I also thought it would be fun to share some of the shows that are on my 'to watch' list. I feel like I have watched everything and yet somehow, I still have a 'to watch ' list! 

I'm honestly not a huge TV watcher. I usually like something on in the background while I work- it's either music or something like Friends, Grey's Anatomy, or Growing pains. Otherwise, I don't watch much day-to-day. I usually like to binge it all in a few days and then not watch for a while. It's so hard to keep up with a live show that comes on every week! 

But, with all of the new seasons coming out, it looks like I will be spending a little more time by the TV! What shows are you watching right now? What didn't make my list that I should be watching? 

Shows I am Currently Watching
This is an HBO miniseries about the nuclear explosion in Russia in the 80's. It's being released episode-by-episode so I have only watched one but so far I love it. I love a historical drama and I knew of Chernobyl from high school history but I honestly didn't know much about it so it is really interesting to learn about this piece of history. As always with HBO, the production is really well-done. 

Southern Charm
Season 6 (Bravo) just premiered this week and I love this show! It's mindless and the drama is outrageous. It's clearly staged and yet I can't get enough. I share my thoughts on instastories with this one and I so enjoy going back and forth with all of you while you watch, too! 

Real Housewives of New York
I've been a faithful RHONY (Bravo) fan since day one. I watch RHOBH, too, but I'm really only consistent and faithful with RHONY. (all ELEVEN seasons). This season is a bit of a snooze in my opinion, though. I need to catch up on 2 episodes that I have missed so far. It's harder to keep up when I'm not as interested. 

Summer House
This is one of those shows you can have on in the background of whatever you are doing (ie. working, cooking dinner, etc.). It's mindless and so silly but I also can't stop! It's about friends who share a summer house in the Hamptons together and all of the partying that they do. A guy from Pittsburgh is in it, so that's why I started watching it in the first place. I don't highly recommend it, but it's ok. 

The Act
This is a Hulu show based on a real story. I actually recommend the documentary (HBO) first, called Mommy Dead and Dearest. The documentary is better in my opinion. The real-life story is about a mom with Munchausen by proxy and how she scams and cons her way through life with her daughter. It's fascinating but also so creepy. I have had this playing while I work- but that is because I already knew the story from watching the HBO documentary. You'll need to pay full attention to the show if you don't watch the doc first! 

Shows With a New Season I Look Forward To Watching
Handmaid's Tale
The 3rd season (Hulu) premieres on June 5th. I cannot wait for this. I absolutely love this show. It is so dark and creepy/scary at times. It's about a futuristic dystopian society and you just can't look away. Highly recommend! 

Big Little Lies 
The 2nd season (HBO) premieres on June 6th. The first season was based off of Liane Moriarty's book. I guess originally, they weren't planning on a second season, but now have written a second because the first was so popular. The all-star cast (um hello, Reese Witherspoon!!) is incredible and the storyline is so crazy. I can't wait to see what is in store for season 2. 

Stranger Things
This premieres (Netflix) on the 4th of July! Which, kind of stinks, because I definitely won't be inside watching TV then, but I'll be so looking forward to catching up on season 3 of this show. It is SO good and has the best 80's throwback vibes. The actors are so good and started at such a young age- thoroughly impressed! A good couple show- both my fiancé and I love this! 

The Crown
The season 3 date hasn't been revealed yet, but based on the previous 2 seasons, everyone seems to be guessing for a December release. A new season hasn't been released since December 2017 so I am waiting here with bated breath! This show is SO good, it is all about the British Monarchy and I've read that the historical details are pretty accurate. The acting, sets, filming, etc. are all so well done. The only thing that is annoying is that it's sometimes hard to understand the actors! I have to pause and rewind a lot. This is definitely one of those shows that you cannot be doing anything else- your full attention has to be on the show or you'll miss something. 

Season 3 (Netflix) has not released their premiere date, but it's definitely signed on for the 3rd season. Critics are guessing sometime later this year- possibly August/September. This show is dark and all about laundering money. I had to Google a lot of things in the first season to understand how money laundering works, but it's such a good show. This one is like the Crown in that it is really detailed and a lot happens in one episode, so you really have to pay attention. I watch this with my fiancé so it could be a good couple show! 

I didn't love the first episode or two, but I kept going and ended up loving the first season. The second season (Netflix) premieres this August. I first started watching it because a lot of it is filmed in Pittsburgh. It's about serial killers and the entire season followed an overarching story but the individual episodes were about different serial killers.

Shows I Want to Watch
The Society
This is a new series that just premiered on Netflix (May 10th). I haven't had time to start it yet, but it's on my list. It's based on parents disappearing and the kids having to create their own society. It looks really interesting- I feel like it could be really good or really bad, one of those 'no in-between' type of shows. 

The Twilight Zone
This is a new series based on the old series and I really want to watch! I have so many shows on my list, I just haven't had the time! This is on CBS. 

This is an older show about a murderer who also happens to work in law enforcement. You can stream all 8 seasons on Netflix. I actually have started to watch a few episodes of season 1 and I really like it. I just haven't had the time to really get into it! My fiancé really likes this one, too so it could be a good season to watch together as a couple! 

Killing Eve
The newest season is going on right now, but you can stream the others on Hulu. It stars Sandra Oh as an agent for MI6. My sister watches this and says it is really good! 

Game of Thrones
My fiancé and I want to start this together (HBO). Clearly, it's a fan favorite, but I just never got into it. I've never seen an episode before, so I'm curious if I will like it- it just doesn't seem like a show I'd like, but we'll see! 

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
I tried to watch this and could not get into it. Everyone always seems so shocked when I tell them this and they urge me to try it again because it seems like something that would 'be right up my alley'. So maybe I will give this another shot; eventually. I just thought the vibe seemed like they were going to break out in song and dance any second and so I quit, ha! 


Maureen said...

My husband and I thought we would hate Game of Thrones but somehow got into it and now we're hooked. We like a lot of the same things on tv so I think you might love it. Riveting. Also, SoCharm is off to a great start!

Cee Cee from KY said...

Do you like the Palm by WA? I almost grabbed a bottle the other day, but decided to stick with the original WA. Would love to hear your thoughts on how they compare.

Deborah said...

You have to watch Breaking Bad! It’s hands down the best show I have ever watched on tv and every one I knows agrees! Also Blood line is excellent. no new episodes unfortunately but it is fantastic. Give Mrs Maisel another chance. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very nice blog!


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