Friday, June 7, 2019

Etsy Finds

Great gift items that you can find on Etsy
I did an Etsy Finds post about 4 months ago and it was a huge hit so I thought I would share some more Etsy favorites with all of you! If you haven't shopped Etsy before, it is a treasure trove of beautiful pieces and it's always nice to shop small businesses, too!

Custom Dog Bowl// Dana's shop is chock-full of beautifully painted ceramics and I especially love the custom dog bowls with your dog's name! Dana sent me one for Henry and it is so beautiful so you don't mind if it is seen! 

Scalloped Handkerchief// One of our family friend's gifted me and my fiancĂ© the most beautiful embroidered lace handkerchiefs. One for both me and Andrew. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful gift. I found these on Etsy and just love the scalloped edge but this shop has so many incredible edges to choose from. 

Flower Earrings// This Etsy shop creates incredibly stunning earrings and a lot of them remind me of Rebecca de Ravenel.

Dog Bed Cover// I had one of Henry's dog beds made from this shop and I love it. It's impeccably done and there are so many fabrics to choose from! 

Monogrammed Golf Shoe Bag// This is such a great gift for any golfer in your life. So many extra pockets that a lot of shoe bags just don't have! Plus, it's monogrammed! 

Needlepoint Cummerbund// Love love love this! This is such a conversation starter and would be an incredible gift for any guy that attends many formal events! It doesn't have to be monogrammed- you can have it custom made with any design you like! 

Tissue Box Cover// There are so many tissue box covers on Etsy so it is hard to know which to choose. I have several from different shops but this is by far my favorite. So beautifully done and high quality! 

Plaza Hotel Lithograph// This piece of artwork is not really my taste/style, but it's one of those pieces that just speaks to me! It's beautiful and whimsical! There are so many incredible artists on Etsy! I've also been eyeing this artist- obsessed with this one. I think the only reason I haven't purchased either is that the style just doesn't seem to go with my decor (which is more traditional), but we'll see, I might be able to make one of them work! 

Brass Switchplate// I have these federalist-style switchplates throughout my house. I first learned about them because my Grammie and parents have them in their house. I think they are so beautiful and have a cozy antique vibe! They are hard to come by and I needed around 20 so I turned to Etsy and eBay! 

Custom Shade// This is the best Etsy shop! She makes custom shades for any lamp, sconce, or chandelier. 

Canvas Garment Bag// This is so classic and useful. An inexpensive gift for someone who is hard to buy for! 

Monogrammed iPhone Case// This case looks so much like the pricier Daily Edited cases but 

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