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May Favorites

My favorite products and more from the month of May!
I have not done a monthly favorites in a while! The months keep getting away from me, I can't believe we are already to June!

But, this is one my favorite posts to do and I have SO many favorites from May that I just had to share!

I thought it would also be fun to add the most popular pieces from my blog/social from the month, too! I am big on analytics. I love reader feedback, but the analytics are something I review daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. and I can always count on them (whereas reader feedback ebbs and flows). Analytics speak to what you all like, don't like, and so much more. So seeing what products you all love from each month helps me to curate other items I share in the future.

Tula Mask// The more I use these Tula sheet masks, the more obsessed I become. They are one of those masks where you see instant results afterward. My skin is always more hydrated and smooth and dewy. I fully plan on having these on-hand for my wedding weekend next year- this mask paired with an ice roller is HEAVEN! Use code SYDNEY for 20% off! 

Tissue Box Covers// I think this must stem from my mom- she always uses tissue covers, but there is not a bare tissue box in my house. These covers are so pretty and elegant! I have different ones from different Etsy shops but these are my favorite! 

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Glow// A makeup artist recommended that I switch from a full-coverage foundation to a CC cream or something a lot lighter. She said that I had great skin (which I really appreciated) and I didn't need so much coverage. I loved her idea so I have been wearing this unisex glow with comes out of the tube white and as you blend it into your skin, it gives you a glow like you spent the afternoon in the sun. The consistency is like a moisturizer and I just apply with my hands. It's very light coverage but I love it so much more than foundation!! Charlotte Tilbury is one of my all-time favorite makeup brands so I am very excited to see if there are any products/sets included in the upcoming Nordstrom Anniversary sale

Glamsquad Lip Balm// OBSESSED with this lip balm. You all might know about my love for the Dior Lip glow. I have long been on a search to find a good dupe- the Dior is expensive!! I have found some that are similar but this is the most similar I have ever found and it's about half the price! My favorite shade is tint of rose!  

Once We Were Brothers// This is not your typical beach read because it's about the Holocaust/WWII, but the way it is written makes it very easy to read/breeze through. It's set in 2004 Chicago and told through/stories/flashbacks. The story is touching and there's lost of history throughout as well. 

Chernobyl// This is an HBO Miniseries and it is so well done. I had known of Chernobyl but didn't really know any details. This tells the story from the beginning and it's like watching a really good movie. 

Moroccanoil Mending Infusion// This is a newer favorite of mine. It's argan oil that you can put your ends. I especially love it when I'm due for a hair cut because it improves the looks of my ends and hydrates my hair. It says to put on your ends when dry, which I have done, but I also like to put it on my ends when wet, too! 

Head and Shoulders Deep Moisture Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner// I've been seeing a lot on Instagram/beauty blogs about scalp treatments. At first I thought it seemed gimmicky, but after I read about the science behind having a clean, moisturized scalp (apparently, your shampoo doesn't take care of that alone!!) your hair is likely to grow faster and healthier! So, I have been using this shampoo and conditioner that cleans the scalp but still keeps my hair hydrated. I have super dry hair so I am really picky about shampoos/conditioners and this actually keeps my hair moisturized (it's safe for color-treated hair). I didn't want to spend a lot because I hadn't tried a scalp treatment before so this is great and inexpensive, too.

Trader Joe's Jalapeno Limeade// This is SOOO good. I love jalapeno margaritas so I bought it to pair with tequila and it is the perfect mixer. It's limited on ingredients, but still high in sugar so I cut it with sparkling soda for a low-cal cocktail!

Pearl by Lela Rose// Do you all know about Lela Rose's ready-to-wear line, Pearl? I have long been obsessed with it but previously, you had only been able to shop at trunk shows. Now, you can shop the collections online and I finally have access to the pieces. They are pricey, but this is the kind of shop that you can find stunning, incredibly made pieces that are showstoppers for special events.

Lancome Skincare// I style a section in my local Macy's (South Hills Village) and the team generously sent me some Lancome skincare goodies to try out. I am super into skin care but had never thought to try this line. I am now obsessed with the products. They are so luxe and effective. My favorites are the anti-aging serum and the eye balm. I use both nightly!

Top Products According To Analytics 

Blue Maxi Dress// This is one of my favorite dresses of the summer! It's so easy breezy and it seems like all of you loved it, too! I wrote a full blog post about this dress so I'm not surprised it is the #1 top performer! 

Striped Seersucker Dress// This one is such a cute dress for summer. It's so ladylike and also affordable! Analytics are really interesting in terms of pieces that do well on my site/social media. A lot of blues/whites always do so well as do classic basics. I think in part because I show a lot of that because that's what I like and am most drawn to. But every once in a while, I'll branch out to different colors, patterns, etc. and sometimes it's a flop with all of you, but this one was a winner! 

Espadrille Wedges// I just got these in gold but the blush pink color went on sale during Memorial Day Weekend and you all scooped these up! I want to do a full post on my wedges reviewing them because they are SO nice and I get so much wear out of mine. Far and away nicer than Soludos (which look almost identical). 

Red/White/Blue Seersucker Bikini// I love this one!! As of editing this (Sunday night) the suit is on sale for $12/piece. What a steal and what a fun suit for 4th of July! 

Pajama Set// I had so much fun shooting these pajamas in the Bahamas and as soon as they were available, I was sent a set because they are the softest pajamas ever! They remind me a lot of Lake Pajamas! 

Princetown Mules// I love that you all love this one because I really do, too! these are such a great summer shoe. Pricey, but I love my Princetown mules in black! They are so comfortable and every time I wear them, I feel so chic. 

Swim Coverup// I have this coverup in last year's print and just love it. I briefly shared this year's version and it was a hit! If you are looking for a beachy, cute and comfortable swimsuit coverup, this is it! 

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Kelly said...

That seersucker bikini is the cutest! I have one from last year in light blue that had a strapless scalloped top I wear all the time. Highly considering buying the raspberry pink one so I have a couple different colorways, even though I'm kind of obsessed with the patriotic color scheme of the blue & red one!


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