Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Skincare: #1 Most Recommended Ingredient by Dermatologists

I had a really bad bout of acne a few years ago and was prescribed prescription-strength retinol. It worked, but it realllllly dried my skin out. Fast forward a few years, and I went to my dermatologist wondering what I can do to prevent wrinkles and look younger. Her answer: retinoids. Actually, any dermatologist I have ever been to has always recommended it which I guess shouldn't surprise anyone because it is the #1 most recommended ingredient by dermatologists.

So what does Retinol do?
Retinol and retinoids are a form of topical Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps with cell turnover and therefore prevents acne and fine lines. Also, because of the quicker cell turnover, retinol can fade age spots and acne scarring making skin appear brighter and clearer.

I just don't think my skin is great at tolerating prescription-strength retinol (because it gets too dried out), I have been hunting for something a little less harsh, but still effective at both keeping my skin clear from acne as well as preventing wrinkles. 

Enter in Olay's newest line: Retinol 24. Over-the-counter retinol is basically a weaker version of what you can be prescribed at a dermatologist's office. And don't take the word 'weak' to be a bad thing. For someone like me who doesn't like the awful drying effect of prescription-strength retinol, an over-the-counter product is the answer. It works the same way and produces the same results, it just takes a bit longer than a prescription would. 

What's so nice about this line is that these three products can easily be worked into your current routine. It's totally mix-and-match and whatever works for you and your nightly routine. 
Do over-the-counter retinols even work?
Many products out there claim to have retinol in them, but these products often just have a very trace amount or they are not formulated properly. It is hard to create a 'stable' retinol product that doesn't weaken over time in the jar as well as a formula that is able to properly penetrate the skin. Hence why many think they 'need' prescription-strength retinoids. One of my favorite things about the Olay brand as a whole is the amount of science and research that Olay puts into every single one of their products. I was able to visit their headquarters last year and was blown away by the kind of research that they perform before they launch a product. 

Olay's Retinol 24 line is potent but still provides you with 24-hours of hydration. Olay's formula remains stable and potent from first use to last. 96% of users did not experience irritation with the Retinol 24 line. I can confirm that after a few weeks of using the products, I have not had any irritation at all. In fact, my skin has been the most hydrated I have ever felt- especially around my eye area. The Retinol 24 line hydrates better than the #1 bestselling retinol product! 
When do I use the Retinol 24?
Olay's Retinol 24 line is comprised of a serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. These products and all retinol products are meant to be used at night. You are supposed to use retinol products at night because sunlight can break down the formula and will eventually become ineffective. Olay created three different retinol products so you can make it fit within your current nightly regimen. Whether you have been looking for a new eye cream to try, want to incorporate a serum into your routine, or a new moisturizer, you have options! You can use the serum after cleansing and before moisturizing. For the eye cream, use it after moisturizing, and for the moisturizer, you can just use it in place of your nightly moisturizer.

Do you have a favorite?
Yes! I love the eye cream! I have never found an eye cream I have been absolutely gaga over. This eye cream keeps my eyes SO hydrated and I love it. It feels great when I apply it and I can still feel how hydrated my eye area is the next morning.

These products have easily fit into my nighttime routine. I put my phone on 'do not disturb', do my skincare regimen, make a cup of decaf tea, put on a ton of lip balm and hand cream, read a book, and doze off to sleep! It's not anything thrilling but my skin looks great the next morning and when I'm strict about my routine, I feel well-rested and ready to take on the day!

Thank you to Olay for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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