Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Grocery Staples

I have been loving ordering my groceries online and picking them up at Walmart which is right down the road from me. One, it helps me to not overbuy and two, it helps me to save time. I thought I would share with you all some of my go-to groceries that I love and order each week. Obviously, I buy produce and stuff like that, but I figured I would share specific branded items so that you can get them wherever you may be! 
Rao's// brand sauces. There hasn't been one I don't like but I typically always have at least one jar of their marinara on hand. It's great to use over pasta, or for dipping or cooking of any kind. It has 0 sugars and tastes so fresh. The ingredients are minimal, too. Highly, highly recommend. 
Oh Snap!// This brand makes pickled vegetables and they are SO good. I buy like 6 packs at a time because I eat them almost daily. They also taste great on sandwiches. They're not in brine so they're extra crisp and fresh. I typically always get just the pickles but they make several different varieties! 

Cheetos Puffs// Living with a guy was eye-opening for me really only in the fact that my fiancĂ© likes certain foods/drinks that I wouldn't have normally purchased for myself. I had to get used to seeing milk in our refrigerator. Now,  it's normal, but at first, it was just interesting! The Cheetos puffs are one thing my fiancĂ© brought home one day and I am SO hooked. Honestly, maybe you shouldn't buy them because you'll get hooked, too. It's not something I would have ever purchased on my own and now I can't resist them. They are a great salty snack and don't taste like the traditional Cheetos. 

Frozen Okra// I've shared this before but I love okra and it's really hard to find in Pittsburgh both in restaurants and grocery stores. I recently discovered that Walmart sells frozen okra and I just steam it in the microwave and add a little salt and butter and it is SO good and easy to have on hand for quick weeknight dinners. 

Frigo String Cheese// I have been eating string cheese forever. I love it and it's such an easy snack to grab and go. This is my favorite brand. It's the one we grew up eating but I have also ordered other brands and they're just not as good as this one! 
Lorissa's Beef Jerkey// I love beef jerky and always have bags of this brand on hand. It is truly the best. It is so flavorful and so tender. 

Kerrygold Butter// I love cooking with this butter. It's the best, in my opinion. They also make it in a tub which we also get for spreadable butter!

Maille Dijon// I discovered this mustard when I was in Paris and fell in love with it. It's so flavorful. I love mustard so I use it a lot in dressings/marinades but also just on its own on sandwiches or whatnot. It's also phenomenal as a substitute for mayo in tuna salad! 

Starbucks French Roast// This is what I typically brew at home. Every once in a while I will deviate to try something new but usually come back to this. It's bold, flavorful, and just an all-around great cup of coffee! 

Probiotics// These are my favorite. They keep things moving (if you know what I mean) and I am convinced that they keep me feeling better, too. 

Bar Keeper's Friend// This brand of cleaning products is seriously the best. It will clean ANYTHING. It's so great on stainless steel, bathrooms, oil-splattered stoves, etc. I have been buying this stuff for years.
Pomegranate Seeds// I've been very into these lately. Instead of dessert (my weakness), I've been trying to substitute with fruit and this really does the trick for me! 
If you place your order on Walmart's website, you get a text once your order is ready to pick up. You drive to Walmart and someone comes out and loads the groceries into your car for you. This is so nice because I can bring Henry with me (he loves car rides) and when it's freezing cold outside, I don't even have to get out of my car. It has been a game-changer for me! Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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d1miranda said...

Henry looks like a puppy in the last photo! Sooo sweet! It’s very interesting to get your grocery recommendations. I live in the Deep South and our eating style seems different (not always healthy)! I will be looking for the pickles. I totally agree the Walmart pickup is awesome. Many times I stayed in the car during a downpour! I almost feel guilty!


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