Friday, February 14, 2020

Pittsburgh Services I Use and Recommend

Sweater// Lip Color (in wild fig)// Earrings

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I am sharing all of the resources in Pittsburgh that I use and know would be helpful to all of you if you also love in the area. I will come back to this post periodically and update it with new people/services as time goes on! 

Max Manni Salon
I see Abby and she is phenomenal. It is an Aveda salon. I've been going for years. Highly recommend. 


Envy Nails
I don't see any tech in particular but there are several Envy's and I go to the one at Siena. It's the nicest in my opinion and every person I have ever had has always done an excellent job. 

Eyelash Extensions
Salon Blanca
I see Brittany and she is truly the best. She recently moved salons and it's quite far away from my home but I still drive all that way to see Brittany!

Nora Dang
This is a no-frills tailor in a kind of hole-in-the-wall location, but he is great and always gets it right. He's also quick and inexpensive. I wouldn't take something like a wedding gown there, but otherwise, fair game. 

Mt. Lebanon Shoe Repair
He can pretty much fix anything and everything. My dad has been going to him forever so when I started investing in shoes, I started going to him. He does great work and can also repair things like handbags. 

Spray Tan
Brushed by Dina
She is seriously the BEST. I'm not a huge spray tan gal. I'm OK with being pale in the winters, but when I need some color, Dina is my girl. She is quick and the color is always so natural. 

Cleaning Service
The Cleaning Authority
This is a larger company and I don't necessarily recommend them wholeheartedly yet as we haven't had enough cleaning done yet. But so far so good. 

Dr. Koch and Hidden Valley Animal Clinic
My dad knows Dr. Koch from high school and he had always taken such good care of Mac so it was a no-brainer to take Henry here. They are fantastic. 

The Pet Stop
This is a hole in the wall but they do a really good job and Henry seems to like it. We always took Mac here, so Henry and Bean (my sister's dog) always go here. They have built years of trust with us. We like Audrey the best. When I lived in the city, I used Lather in Bloomfield and it was also great.

Mt. Lebanon Floral
Where we get most of our arrangements... we great up using MTL Floral and I'm using them for our wedding. 
I used them for my most recent move and they were absolutely phenomenal. They were so professional, careful, quick, and respectful. I could not recommend them more. Their prices were competitive with many other movers I called for quotes.

Carpet Cleaning
They do a great job and are quick and affordable. 

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