Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Sunday Note

As we all know, coronavirus is affecting all of us around the world. I know for me, it has exacerbated my anxiety in ways I couldn’t even imagine. It is changing our lives.

In light of the abnormal time we are in, I am going to continue to post my regular beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content with all of you in hopes that it will continue some sort of normalcy.

What is happening right now is heavy and I hope that continuing to do my job, as usual, does not in any way make light of or feel insensitive to the times we are in. Rather, I hope it provides that ‘lighthearted’ escape when you might need it.

I also hope that you can respect that I won’t be sharing any information on coronavirus as I am not an expert and the guidelines and facts are changing rapidly. I do not want to run the risk of providing anyone with non-factual information.

To close, I wanted to share a quote from Nelson Mandela, ‘I am not an optimist, but a great believer of hope.’


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this Sydney! Take care!!

Ashley @ The Southern Julep said...

The lighthearted escape is much appreciated and also much needed. I so look forward to your posts and stories on IG, especially now. It’s nice to feel “normal” even when things are so up in the air and quite frankly, scary. The last thing we need is more fear mongering and negativity - we get enough of that from the news. Thanks for being that positive and happy place :)

Annaliese said...

I'm planning to do the same on my blog- I think this type of content will be so needed right now!!

xoxo A

Lisanne said...

Sydney, thank you so much for continuing posting. I work in a hospital in the Netherlands and we re not quite at the peak, it's very scary so the lighthearted content is very welcome. Take care!


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