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My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine
My Everyday Makeup Routine
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I share my makeup routine a few times each year as it tends to change a little here and there. I am not hugely into makeup as I tend to like a very simple, natural look, but I do know what works for me and what I like. 

Today I am going to share products that I use day-to-day. They're not the products I necessarily use for a big night out or for a photoshoot, but just more of a clean, easy look! 

Tula Primer// I love this product so much that I wrote an entire post reviewing it! Use code SYDNEY for 15% off your purchase (see my favorite Tula Products, here).

Under Eye Primer// I saw this product floating around Instagram and it seemed a bit gimmicky and unnecessary. Yet here I am now posting about it because it's actually really good. It's a very lightweight product and it kind of feels like a gel. You apply it under your eyes and if you let it sit for a minute or two, you notice your undereye get really cold... cooler than any other product I have used. On top of that, it acts as a primer for your concealer to reduce it from settling into fine lines. I think it helps a lot but doesn't totally remedy this. This is something I use daily because I like the cooling feeling but also something I'd use when getting all dolled up so that my concealer stays in place. 

Color Correcting Stick// I love this color correcting stick. I get it in the color peach. You apply it before your concealer. Once applied, it looks kind of like you applied the wrong shade of concealer, but the trick is to then use your concealer over top of it and BAM! It truly helps lessens the appearance of dark circles incredibly! 

Concealer// This concealer is a game-changer for me. I was using the Tarte Shape Tape because I had seen so many great reviews but after using it for a while, I realized that it was too drying for my under-eyes. I went to Sephora and the associate recommended this concealer. It's creamy, hydrating, and blends wonderfully. I also find it to last all day and help to cover even the darkest of circles. 

Bronzer// I don't' really have a bronzer that I am die-hard about. This bronzer is a solid choice, but nothing you need to run out and buy. I don't think it makes you look 'dirty' which is what I am always concerned about whenever I buy a bronzer. 

Highlighter// I love highlighter and I feel like I have tried a ton but this one is my latest favorite and honestly the best I've ever used. The powder is really fine so it just melts into your skin. I have the shade 'opal radiant finish' and the color is warm and glowy but still natural. 

Blush// I love this shade of blush. It's really rosy and pigmented so a little goes a long way. Since it has a bit of shimmer to it, it gives the color depth without looking like you bought it at Limited Too circa 1997.

Brow Pencil// I used to use the Anastasia powder and I switched to the pencil because I feel like it looks more natural. I think if you want a heavier look, the powder is a great option and I actually like the powder to line my eyes, but the pencil is great for every day. I normally get this from Sephora but it looks to be on major sale and because of that, it is sold out. I found it also on sale at Ulta with the sale price. So act fast as I imagine this will sell out, too. I have never seen the price so low- I really hope that it does not mean that it is going to be discontinued. 
Mascara// Take my mascara recommendations with a grain of salt as I have eyelash extensions. But I really like this one and it stays put all day. I only put this on my bottom lashes. 
Dior Lip Glow// You all know by now this is my ride or die lip color for everyday wear. It's such a natural color and the hydration is wonderful. The only annoying thing is that it is pricey and you have to reapply often. I love the color berry and my second favorite is pink (which is less pigmented than berry).

Brushes// All of my brushes are Real Techniques. They are inexpensive and can be found at many different retailers. They hold up so well and do a good job applying makeup. They also feel soft on my face which is so important! I have been using them for years! 

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