Tuesday, March 3, 2020

ShopBop Sale

shopbop spring sale 2020
There is a big Shopbop sale happening right now. I always like to share these because Shopbop features mostly pricier items so this is a nice time to splurge and save! Shopbop also carries a lot of my personal favorites and wardrobe staples like these sneakers. You can get up to 25% off depending on what you spend when you use code SPRING at checkout! 

Pearl Straw Tote// I have this straw tote but without the pearls and love it. It's so well made, beautiful, and holds a lot! 

Espadrilles// I have these in gold and LOVE them. They're super comfortable and such a summertime classic. Here's a more affordable option

Packable Rainboots// I have these and they are so great. They are a classic wellie-style rainboot but they actually fold up so you can easily pack them. I bring these rain boots a lot on my travels because sometimes functional footwear is just necessary and I can't imagine packing rain boots that you can't fold up! I also love these

Roller Rabbit Pajamas// These are one of my favorite pajama brands. They are very soft pima cotton. They are a lot like Lake Pajamas in terms of fabric and softness. 

Cashmere Travel Wrap// This is one of my holy-grail wardrobe items. I have it in 4 colors. It is pricey, but the cashmere is incredibly soft and the size is so nice. I wear mine as a scarf with winter clothing, as a wrap for formal events, or even as a blanket on a flight! 

Ferragamo Vara// I love my Vara shoes- I have so many pairs and they are just so ladylike and comfortable. I love the quilted version. I also love this new pointed-toe flat style! 

Scalloped Swimsuit// I wish I didn't love this swimwear brand because it is pricey but I just love the styles and quality. This is such a classic one-piece swimsuit and comes in several colors! I also have this bikini, and this bikini and love them both!

Campo Sneakers// I did a full review about these sneakers, here. I love them and they have worn-in so nicely. 

Tretorn Sneakers// I have these and they are about as classic as you can get. They're super comfortable and I just toss them in the wash when they get dirty, but to be honest, I like them a little dirty/scuffed up! 

Bow Headband// I have one of these in velvet and love it. It's so chic and classic. It's one of those headbands you can still wear even when headbands aren't 'in'. 

Classic Striped Top// Such a wardrobe staple. I have so many but this is a great, high-quality, classic option!

Blue and White Printed Dress// This is something I don't own but oh my goodness I LOVE it. This is pricey, so it's nice to be able to purchase it on sale! 

My Wishlist:
- These adorable fashion sneakers
- This incredible blue-printed skirt
- These very grand millennial-looking bow sandals
- These modest jean shorts

More Favorites:

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