Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Things To Do Instead of Watching the News

Things To Do Instead of Watching the News

These days, if I watch too much of the news, my anxiety flares up. So I have been trying to do tasks to keep me busy when I need a break from working to keep me off of my phone and TV.

The sense of accomplishment is an added bonus. Here is what is on my list of things to tackle and what I have accomplished thus far! 

What I've Done:
- Organized my bathroom drawers/skincare products
- Polish the silverware
- Clean out cabinets under sinks
- Wash every component of bedding/linens
- Clean stove
- Clean microwave
- Tackle some house projects. We hung 2 TVs. 
- Wipe down baseboards and windowsills

- Clean/vacuum car 

What I Want to Do:
- Scrub makeup brushes
- Go through closets and get rid of things
- Clean out garage
- Clean out computer files/make more space on the hard drive
- Back up files
- Clean out photo albums on phone
- Make sure phone is backed up
- Clean out/organize the refrigerator
- Create a list of shows/movies to watch
- Wash throw blankets
- Windex all interior windows and mirrors 
- Wash exterior windows (that you can reach) 
- Clean Oven
- Wash your vacuum's filter 
- Go through files and organize/get rid of things
- Delete old TV recordings to make space for new 
- Get rid of old skincare, makeup, nail polish, etc.

Most of my list is centered around cleaning/organizing because that's what I personally like to do.- and it's spring cleaning time, after all! Here are a few that are non-cleaning related:

- Play board games, card games, etc. 
- Do an at-home workout
- Stretch. If you do a little each day, in just a week or two, you'll become so much more flexible! 
- Pick up a hobby. I have always wanted to try needlepointing and I feel like now is the time I should start! 
- Start a new series or movie 
- Learn a new recipe 
- Practice an instrument. Admittedly I haven't' picked up my violin in quite a while so this is on my to-do list. 
- Read a good book. One of my favorite books of all time is The Nightingale. It is a must-read if you have not read it yet. 
- Start a list of things you want to do/accomplish when we are able to resume normal life again. They can be really silly/simple. For example, I have 'schedule a bath for Henry' as one of mine. It will help to keep all of those things floating around in your head in one place.

And if you are looking for some cozy at-home pieces, these Joggers and Slippers are two of my MVP's for working from home. You can see a review of the joggers, here. My fiancĂ© and I both have these slippers and they are the coziest. For the price, they are such high quality and I love that they have a functional sole. 

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Jada said...

This is the perfect time to get to all the deep cleaning! Thanks for sharing your check-list.



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