Friday, April 3, 2020

MVP's of Staying At Home

MVP's of Staying At Home

MVP's of Staying At Home

It's really odd being at home SO much, isn't it? I'm a homebody and work from home, so spending time at home isn't that out of the norm for me, but the weeks on end of this have taken a toll and we still have quite a while to go. At this time, it's so important for us to stay at home, so I have been trying to look for the silver lining in everything. We are blessed to have a wonderful home to spend our time in (and together!!) and I have realized that I am also lucky to have some really great things that make staying at home not-so-bad. 

I thought I would share a roundup of the things that have been my stay-at-home MVP's... these are the things that have gotten tons of use and are things I am thankful to have each day and now I am highly recommending them!

Chaise Chairs// We have two of these in our living room and love them so much. The quality for the price is incredible, especially because you can customize them in a multitude of fabrics! They are so roomy and comfortable. Another amazing perk? Free shipping. If you've ever ordered furniture, this is crazy because it's usually so pricey to have it delivered. 

Lake Pajamas// Are you even surprised? I'm embarrassed to admit I've had days where I have switched out of my pajamas into a new pair. They're so comfortable and so soft. You can read my full review, here

Coffee Maker// This is truly the best coffee maker. Whether you like iced coffee, hot coffee, espresso, etc. this machine can do it all. My fiancé and I mostly use it for black coffee and we think it brews a wonderful cup. I look forward to my coffee each morning. You can read my review, here

Candles// This is a broad category but I have been burning through candles like crazy lately. I think the glow they give off is very calming and the scents are often just as calming. My current favorite is this one

Amazon Echo// Every room in our house has an Echo of some sort. Our kitchen has the echo show, basement has a dot, my office has a dot, our bedroom has a regular echo, etc. etc. We love using them normally, but even more, now that we are home so much. It's fun to just play music randomly all over the house when we need a mood boost and I love the ability to 'drop-in' to another room, which is basically using them as an intercom! We also love paying Jeopardy when we are cooking dinner, ha! 

Bananagrams// This game has been SO fun to play after dinner each night. It's a bit like Scrabble so you definitely want to be good at spelling/vocabulary! Highly, highly recommend this game and you can play with 2+ people! 

Serena and Lily Throw// This is the throw that you see in the photo at the top of this post. It's a beautiful navy blue cashmere and it is the most luxurious blanket we own. I love snuggling up in it in the chaise chair and watching the latest episode of Little Fires Everywhere... it feels indulgent! 

Sweatshirt// I have been raving about this sweatshirt so much because it's insanely soft, high quality, and at one point it was just $24. I got both the gray and the blush pink and I have been living in this. I love the blush pink over my hydrangea Lake Pajamas... the two pastel colors together feel very spring/Easter and make me happy. 

Sally Hansen Nail Polish// I got this polish in a press kit a while ago. Truthfully, I rarely do my own nails, but since professional manicures are out of the question, for the time being, I have been doing my own! I love this Sally Hansen polish in the color 'Bare Kiss'. It was easy to apply, the color is beautiful, and it was nice and shiny! 

Dumbbells and Resistance Bands// I've been sticking to my at-home workouts and these are two things that have helped greatly! Even if you don't have access to dumbbells, resistance bands are incredible and take up absolutely no space. We used them a lot in Orange Theory so it helps that I was already familiar with how to use them. Dumbells are hard to find online right now, but Dick's has them! I have both 15lb and 5lb but mostly use the 15lb. If you don't have weights, you can use things around the house like a cast-iron skillet!  

Sunscreen// We have been outside a lot more lately. Henry has been living the dream with the number of walks he has been getting, ha! With all of the outdoor activity, though, I am making sure to apply sunscreen. It's not too warm here yet and I may be a little out of my daily routine, but I'm still making a big effort to always wear sunscreen for my skin's health. 

Glassware// One of my favorite things to do pre-coronavirus was going out to nice bars. I loved going to bars with a good martini and a live jazz band. I really miss that and so we have been creating that type of atmosphere at home. I love having nice glassware that makes it feel like we really are out on the town. We have these martini glasses and I feel like we are out at a bar every time we use them! 

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Kelly Crusenberry said...

Love this list! I've still been going to work, essential healthcare worker, but having these little luxuries at home are making the evenings and weekends enjoyable. I'm taking to your routine you mentioned earlier this week, of cooking Sunday-Thursday and eating takeout Friday & Saturday. Our favorite tex-mex place opened this week for takeout orders and I'm SO excited for their signature margaritas tonight. Highlight of my week! ha!


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