Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

I have never done a bridesmaid gift idea post which is crazy because I think it's been one of my most requested topics to cover for a wedding Wednesday. I know so many people have totally different budgets and anywhere from 1 bridesmaid to like 20, so I'm going to try and cover things that range greatly in prices. For example, I only have one bridesmaid so I can spend a little more, but if you have 10 bridesmaids, even something little can really add up and I totally get that! 

For what it's worth, I don't even think a bridesmaid's gift is even totally necessary. I think a nice card is a thoughtful way to show you love your bridesmaids and care! 

Creating this felt a little like making a Christmas gift guide- there are SO many things I have and love on this list!


Sarah said...

For my bridesmaids, I gave them monogrammed button down shirts to wear while getting ready. Those were given as a thank you gift for hosting my bridal shower! On my wedding day, I gave them each a monogrammed pearl bracelet from Kiel James Patrick and a monogrammed (apparently I had a theme, ha!) scalloped clutch from Marley Lilly as well as a card.

Hillary said...

I had two bridesmaid (my two sisters) and gifted them the earrings and necklace I wanted them to wear that day. I think day of jewelry is a perfect gift because then they know they're wearing exactly what you want with no guess work!


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