Thursday, May 7, 2020


This week was pretty boring and I felt so frustrated all week since it has been SO cold. We are talking puffer coat cold. Normally I get out of the house to walk or whatnot, but it's been too cold for me to even enjoy long walks. We need our warm weather back ASAP! They're calling for snow flurries Saturday morning and I am SO over it. This weather might be normal for April but now that it's May it's rarer for it to be this cold! We did have a wonderful weekend, though (pics above from this weekend) so I'll take it and it looks like it is supposed to warm up a little by late next week so I am certainly looking forward to that!

Other than that, we've really had a boring week here. I worked, I cleaned, we played some games, drank some wine, watched some shows. I will say, I've loved chatting with you all via DM on instastories... so many conversations over there about different state's alcohol laws and Father of the Bride, ha
Wearing: I have been wearing these Jeans non-stop. They are SO comfortable. They are truly sweatpant-like and I can't get enough. I'm also loving this Sweater... it reminds me of Nantucket in a way and that brings me happiness!

Reading: A peek inside Tory Burch's Southampton home. Dreamy.
Sale-ing: I have been using these leather iPhone cases for years now and my phone case went on sale so I got a new one! If you have an iPhone xs or xsmax, they are on sale! 

Sale-ing II: This Nespresso is currently on sale for $126. That's SUCH a deal. 

 I just watched 'The Movies That Made Us' on Netflix and loved it. It's a series and I just watched the 'Home Alone' episode, but they are all episodes about popular movies that have been made and facts about the making of them. It was so interesting! 


Loving: Tula just launched a larger size of the face blurring primer. This is the stuff I swear by and use in place of foundation. The size you normally get is pretty small (although still lasts quite some time) so the larger is double the product for 20% less cost. When I need more, I'll be ordering the larger one! Use code SYDNEY for 15% off your purchase. 

Loving II: Love love love this sweater. It's so summery/beachy and I think it would look so chic with white jeans! 

Wanting: This sweatshirt 
is inexpensive ($30) and looks like another sweatshirt that I paid way more for from Athleta. I'm not a huge fan of the tie-dye trend but I don't mind the super subtle neutral tie-dye like in this sweatshirt

Quoting: 'But even if I am weak, I can still be kind. For true power is in giving instead of taking.'// See more of my favorites, here. 

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