Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A girl's best friend.

I absolutely love my Australian Cattle Dog, Mac. He is my best friend in the entire world! Why, you ask am I bringing this up? Well now, you can include your pup during cocktail hour! I was reading Town and Country today and I saw a blurb about a Wine company called Cru Vin Dogs.

"Cru Vin Dogs tracks down exceptional vineyards and small lots of wine throughout the world to craft masterful blends of exceptional quality and value, and brings them directly to you, the consumer. Our mission is simple: We exist to combine our passions – friendship, wine, art, our love of dogs and worthy causes – into a wine brand with a purpose. Wine that gives back. Wine that makes a difference." Cru Vin Dogs website

How creative is that! There is a picture of a dog on each label and the name of the breed of dog. I love anything that has anything to do with dogs, so I think this is a great thing. It would make such a great hostess gift, if the hostess has a particular dog that the company features. They don't have an Australian Cattle dog, but if they did, I would definitly get a bottle, and then frame the label.

Also, How absolutely adorable is this bathing suit?! It's the Stella Mccartney Hannah Bikini. If it wasn't $545, it would surely be mine! It has sailboats and it is one of my favorite colors: Navy Blue! If anyone has an extra large amount of cash sitting around (ha!) to purchase a bathing suit well, I think you should buy this one!

I hope everyone has a lovely Monday night. And thanks to everyone out there who reads my blog. I love getting comments whenever I check my blog, it's so exciting! Remember, you can always e-mail me at SummerWind41490@gmail.com, I love getting e-mails too!



Kerry said...

One of my friends has almost the same exact bathing suits, although I think it's navy blue. She definitly didn't spend that much for it, so I will ask her where she bought it for you!

Anonymous said...

such a cute dog! How love Stella McCartney bathing suits! But the price is definitley... out of my budget. J.Crew has cute bathing suits right now too.

RCaitlin said...

Definitely going to get some of the Cru Vin Dogs!

Domestic Diva said...

I posted your tag... you will have to come by and check it out. Sorry it took so long. It has been crazy. I love the pictures of you and your daddie...priceless!!!
xxxx me

Unknown said...

I love your dog - he is adorable!


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