Thursday, March 4, 2010

I left my heart in Pittsburgh

This week has been busy, busy, busy! Friday marks the start of spring break pour moi and I am so excited! I have been working hard cleaning out my closet. It took me 2 hours to clean out my drawers and closet and under my bed because I had every inch packed with clothing! I decided to take many things back to Pittsburgh with me because hopefully by the time I return to Virginia it will a stay in the mid to upper 50's and soon enough it will be sundress weather everyday!! As usual, classes are right in the thick of midterms this week which can be a drag but one of my midterms was so much fun! We were instructed to give an oral presentation about something we are passionate about and in 7-9 minutes present it to our classmates. Well I chose Pittsburgh because I wanted to share with my classmates (who are mostly all from Virginia) why I think Pittsburgh is such a wonderful place to live. I have also decided to share with I love Pittsburgh with all of my readers too! So here are some great facts that you may not have known!-Pittsburgh was ranked the #1 most livable city in the United States and 29th in the nation (by The Economist)
-The unemployment rate is half of the national unemployment rate
-44 universities and 88 neighborhoods to choose from
- Within 500 miles of half of the U.S. population
- Lowest crime rate of the 25 major U.S. cities
- Home to some of the top hospitals in the world (1st heart transplant and multi-organ transplant was done here!)
- Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Kennywood Park, Primanti Brothers, The Steelers, The Penguins, and the Pirates!

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about where I live! It's no longer just a steel city! Have a fabulous day!!


Amanda said...

Good luck with the rest of your finals this week! My spring break doesn't start for three more weeks yet...I can't wait for a break. Pittsburgh sounds like a great city! I have never been out east, but I definitely want to someday!

Unknown said...


lollyc said...

I spent 1-2 months of summer 2009 in Pittsburg!! I went to Primanti Brothers!! I am from NC so everyone looked at us funny because of our accents! haha!

BAH said...

So glad I read this post! My boyfriend's family is from Pittsburgh and I will be visiting the city for the first time next month. Thank you for the fun facts!


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