Friday, September 10, 2010

College Neccessities: Lap Desk

For 2 years, I have been using a throw pillow to put underneath my laptop. Clearly, I've needed a lap desk! Luckily I found this great website called Room It Up a few weeks ago, and it is perfect for me and any other college student! The wonderful customer service at Room It Up offered me a lap desk in the pretty bright bloom pattern to review. 
This lap desk is perfect. I love that is plenty big to write on and set my laptop on, but it's not too big which makes it easy to store away when it is not in use. I also absolutely love that it has a cup holder. When you are in your dorm room, you rely a lot on your bed for sitting purposes and I frequently sit on my bed with my laptop or a book and notebook. Therefore, if you don't have another surface around, you end up sticking your water bottle right on your bed which can cause a mess. Since this has a cup holder, I can put my drink right in the cup holder and not worry about it tipping over onto my bed, computer, or notebooks.
The bright bloom print is my favorite print because it is vibrant and colorful, but they have so many other options. My second pick would definitely be the leopard print!

I am also in love with the fact that you can get so many different accessories in all of the same print. For example I could get a messenger bag, train case, pencil case, wallet, passport cover, and umbrella all to match my lap desk!
Any of the items on Room It Up's website would be great to add to a care package. For me, a lap desk was definitely something I didn't think I needed, but it really makes studying a lot easier. This is also great for college students because everything on this website is so inexpensive. The lap desk is only $30 (in my bookstore, they start at $40) and a spa wrap is only $22!
A big thank you to Room It Up for giving me the chance to review their lap desk!  I hope you all have a fabulous day!
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Sara Elizabeth said...

Lapdesks are definitely a neccessity. I ended up breaking my old laptop freshman year because it kept overheating. Since, I've always used a lapdesk and no computer problems!

Carole said...

Clever that there is a cup holder.

Jen said...

New follower here :) What a great picture of you and Taylor L!

The Sailor in Pink said...

so funny! yesterday i ordered one! they are so perfect when you are studying and don't want to be cooped up at a desk!


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